The Answers are in Genesis
The title of the short article in the 1:1 answersupdate magazine is called White people don't exist.  Here is part of the article:
"Did you know there really are no white people in the world today?  Most peoople aren't aware that all human beings have the same skin color.  We all have a pigment called "melanin."  If you have a lot of melanin, you can be very dark...even "black."  Other than albinos who don't have much pigment, no one is really white.
     It can be shown from simple genetics that if we started with Adam and Eve as middle-brown,that, in just one generation, they could have had children who were very dark or very light brown...or anything in-between!....Now, why do groups of people in our world have these varying shades?  After the event of the Tower of Babel, populations split into groups, which resulted in certain shades of melanin being concentrated in particular groupings. This is what we would call "natural selection"...according to Genesis, though, not Darwin."
-1:1 answersupdate, Vol. 14. Issue 8

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