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Visiting Neil Chadwick's Shares (account name: longrange)
 Flush/Flurry now available on MT 4300
At last the Flush/Flurry part of the MT 4300 is complete.
Update your MT by downloading update40from this share site.
Option 5 on the Games Menu will take you to the Flush/flurry screen.
1. Quick Flush.
2. User Flush.
3. Main Menu.
In both Quick and User flush you can enter 4 sets of variable.
# of Traps. This as it says is the number of traps you have in the Flush, 1 to 8 traps.
Delay (Sec.). This is the delay between firing the traps, 1 to 6 seconds.
Number of Shooters.Used to calculate how many targets to launch on the initial throw. If you have 6 traps and only 2 shooters the MT know to only throw 4 targets. If you have 3 shooters it will throw 6 targets.
Number of Targets. 1 to 999.
The Quick Flush if part of the diagnostic program we had running to test the system which i decided to leave in place. It starts by launching the maximum number of targets with respect to the number of shooters, you will never get more targets launched than the shooters can fire at. It then starts off fairly slow launching single targets in sequence then progressing to doubles and then triples and so on. This is dependent upon the number of traps you have in the flush. i was going to take it out but the more i played with it, sorry, tested it, the more fun i found it to be. It gets very difficult towards the end of a sequence.
The User Flush is more of a traditional flush. Starting with all targets, depending upon number of shooters and number of traps, after the initial launch of all targets the system will put in an extra 2 seconds on top of the delay you entered. you then get a mixture of singles, doubles triples and so on with the delay you entered.
If you get "No Birds" during the sequence press the "No Bird" button 1 for each target you see and that will be added to the end of the flush and thrown automatically.
At the end of the Flush you get the option the throw the same flush again or not.
If you need to stop during the sequence for any reason press the "Stop" button 2, press again when ready to start from where you stopped.
I would really like to get feedback, please email me at Neil@longrangellc.com with thoughts, suggestions or complaints. Enjoy.

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