PIMCO Advice
Bill Gross from Pimco Jan 2011 Barron's Roundtable:

Buy PTY which yields 12% and NLY which yields 14.5%.  Buyer beware: if real interest rates rise, these two picks will go down.

From USA Today, August 2010

If you take a national perspecitve, the 'New Normal' means slower growth... 2%, and that means persistently high unemployment. The economy's speed is [also] being lowered by government regulations.  A world that grows less rapidly generates less return.  Ultimately, you get paid for productivity and growth. 

His advice:

Most people have too much invested in equities, investment grade and high-yield bonds, and commodities.  Most people have too much money riding on the US.  Most people have very little cash.  Simply put, investors should own fewer equities, more bonds (seems to contradict his last sentence), more global investments, more cash and more dry ammunition.  

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