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We are often asked whether there is crime in our area.

Please accept this information without prejudice. We cannot accept responsibility for anything that could possibly happen.


We all understand that crime can and will happen anywhere, any time.

As in our own cities, crime will and does happen.

In Mexico, criminals have been the targets. Not tourists. Criminals targeting criminals.


In La Cruz, street lighting is not bright everywhere.

Just the same, we do not feel at risk walking the darker areas of the village, late.

We feel safe pretty much everywhere along the Jalisco and Nayarit coasts.

People are friendly and many live somewhat open-air (windows and doors wide open).


Drug related crime? That happens all over Mexico, umm… North America, for that matter. It is concentrated in cities just south of the US border and larger cities such as Mexico City, Guadalahara, Acapulco. The Huatulco area is also said to be danderous due to drug traffic activity.


If you are flying in, no problem. Should you choose to drive, again you should not have any problem. We have made the trip many times; we make sure that we get across the Mexican border early in the AM since it can take up to an hour to get all the paperwork done, depending on how busy it is. Then, we make tracks, putting as much distance between us and the border as we can; we generally overnight in Zacatecas. The Mexican side of the border is where we feel most at risk. We have crossed into Mexico through Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa and Nuevo Progresso without difficulty. We avoid the Ciudad Juarez area as it is reputed to be the most dangerous place in all of Mexico. We stick to major highways and the toll roads which are well maintained and well travelled. We try to get off the road by dark but we have gone into the early evening on occasion and even dark early mornings again without incident.


We hope that any of your fears or concerns have been addressed and that you are set to experience pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing surroundings. Wherever, we must maintain an awareness and always exercise caution and good judgement to avoid situations and places that are not or just don’t feel right. Our condo complex is safe. The criminals don't seem to go to the beach. La Cruz is wonderful.



These are excerpts from someone's experience; for the entire story, go to:




"What we discovered about Mexico was so far from the rumors, news reports, warnings, and “common knowledge” that it was almost comical, if it wasn’t so sadly incorrect."

"The vast majority of it was completely, entirely, undeniably safe. So safe, that during our time there we never once felt threatened, frightened, or afraid in any way."

"We’ve found the local villages and towns to be the safest and provide the most rewarding experiences."

"Don’t let the urban legends spoil your perception of what Mexico is really like. Go for yourself and discover the truth."



An excerpt from another article:


"So, how safe are you feeling now at your home north of the border? We understand that you hear stories and you worry about your family, but these are facts and what these facts say is that Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, and the nearby area is as safe (or even safer) than your hometown…and here we have the beach, the golf courses, and the perfect weather all year round. So, it’s your call!"


View the entire report:





Hrere's a comparison:





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