4. GOOGLE VIEW La Cruz de Huanacaxtle







This is an old view (2008) when our condo complex (dark angular building at top center) was under construction and the Marina was in its infancy. It gives you a great appreciation for La Cruz and area.


Zoom in to take a closer look. The Marina restaurant/bar is on the second floor of the structure at the tip of the pointed part in the inner Marina, under the larger dark, circular roof and the open-air, third-floor restaurant/bar/observation deck is the light coloured area with tables and couches, overlooking the Bay. And, prices are reasonable. Great spot to have a cold one (or a glass of wine) and watch the whales.


Zoom out to get a feel for the area. The picturesque Sierra Madre Mountains are immediately to the north while to the southwest you make your way out of Banderas Bay (Bay of Flags) into the open Pacific Ocean. Follow the coastline, around the Bay, to the southeast to locate Puerto Vallarta.


Note that La Cruz is in the Tropics, a reasonable distance south of the Tropic of Cancer. The Tropic line is the circle of latitude that marks the northernmost path of the sun and is some 23 degrees north of the equator. La Cruz is at 20.5 degrees compared with Honolulu at 21 degrees. We are further south, eh. The sun is at its northernmost latitude during our summer and so during our winter it is between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. It is the furthest from us on our winter solstice of December 21/22 and then it starts its trek back northward. The La Cruz climate is excellent from October through May with little rain, if any. You will experience flawless weather throughout that period while the rest of the year enjoys the rains that keep the surroundings lush and green year-round.







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