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Visiting Cher Leadbeater's Shares (account name: cherjl)
Hear Me Lord Jesus
As I Call Your Name
Help Me Release
The Guilt and The Shame
Reveal ToMe Things
That Block My View
Help Me To See
What I Need To Do
Hold Me Close Lord
As I Visit My Past
The Pain That I Find
I Know Will Not Last
Keep My Mind Focused
My Heart Filled With Love
My Ultimate Goal
Will Be Heaven Above
yekarah 11/20/10

Creation date: Nov 20, 2010 8:46 am     Last modified date: Nov 20, 2010 8:49 am   Last visit date: Mar 22, 2018 12:15 pm     link & embed ?...
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Nov 20, 2010  ( 3 comments )  
10:57 am
Dee Huber (dgh118)
I like this prayer and I just want you to know that I'm praying for you!!  Love ya'
11:52 am
Cher Leadbeater (cherjl)
Thank you.  It is really weird, because I am starting to get a few little insights and I think that the feeling of rejection is a major contributor to this trust issue.  How many millions of people have to deal with this same thing?  i know that it is not all about the rejection but that is definitley a biggee
2:08 pm
Dee Huber (dgh118)
It will come to you in bits and pieces.  God will let you absorb a little at a time.  Don't over think it because it will only frustrate you.  Just keep focused on God - and let God focus on you!
Nov 21, 2010  ( 3 comments )  
6:56 am
Cher Leadbeater (cherjl)
Today I will see the women that i paln on doing the Theophostic Therapy with.  Theo means God and Phos means Light and Theophostic means God's Light.  it is a powerful ministry approach designed to help people to identify and embrace the root sources of their emotional pain and therein encounter the presence of Christ and His perfect peach.  The speaker today is going to talk about how this therapy has made a difference in his light.  I am very excited and blessed to be able to have this available to me.
11:20 am
Dee Huber (dgh118)
Let me know how it goes!!!!  I'll say a prayer for you!
6:17 pm
Cher Leadbeater (cherjl)
We set up a time to meet.  Our first meetin will be on December 4th at 10:30 am
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