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            Check-in :       after 4 PM

            Check-out :     before 10 AM

                  No early check-in nor late check-out without written confirmation. This provides for the time required for clean-up and set-up between

                  departing and arriving guests. Thank you for your understanding.


            NO SMOKING within the condominium.


            Food must be kept in sealed, impenetrable containers to deter attracting insects and/or rodents.

                        Insects are particularly attracted to foods left unattended (in or out of the condo).


            The Business Center is available for use from 7 (seven) AM till 10 (ten) PM. Please:

Maintain an appropriate dress code,

Do not smoke,

Do not bring your pet,

Sit only in (not on arms) chairs or sofas provided,

Keep feet off the furniture,

Share your books and magazines for the enjoyment of others, and

Remember to turn off air conditioning and lighting if you are last to leave.


            The Exercise Room (Gym) is open from 7 (seven) AM till 10 (ten) PM. Please:

                        Use the equipment at your own risk,

                        Do not allow children under 15 (fifteen) access,

                        Do not bring your pet,

                        Do not attend if under the influence of drugs or alcohol,

                        Wear appropriate clothing and shoes,

                        Use a towel to wipe perspiration from the equipment,

                        Use only personal audio equipment on low levels,

                        Limit use if others are waiting, and

                        Remember to turn off air conditioning, equipment and lighting.


            The Pool and Common Area are open from 7 (seven) AM till 10 (ten) PM. Please:

                   Attend at your own risk; wet areas can be hazardous; no lifeguards are on duty,

                   NO children under 4 (four) years permitted in the jetted and adult pools,

Accompany and supervise those under 12 (twelve) years of age to ensure no untoward behaviour, screaming, running, diving, sports or misuse,

Use furnishings on a first-come basis and do not expect to reserve them by placing personal items on them while leaving them unattended for extended periods,

Do not consume food in or around the pool area, and

Ensure that any beverages are in unbreakable containers.




Any reservation made under false pretence is subject to immediate rescission and cancellation of the Lease Agreement and Contract with no refund of deposits whatsoever.

A maximum of 6 (six) occupants is permitted. No Lessee under the age of 25 (twenty five) is acceptable. All visitors are to be registered with condominium security agents.

Lessees and their residents and guests must maintain proper decorum and respect the comfort of others. Children must be supervised at all times. Quiet times must be observed each day before 8 (eight) AM and after 10 (ten) PM and all day Sundays. Inappropriate behaviour and wilful damage to common area property shall constitute sufficient cause for eviction of the Lessee without refunds of any sort.


We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep doors and windows locked when absent from the condo unit.

Return of the damage deposit, totally or partially, is subject to the following:

            Conditions of the Agreement and Contract have been met.

            Satisfactory inspection by the Lessor’s representatives.

            Damaged or missing items from the listing attached as Appendix A,

            Unpaid charges that have been incurred by the Lessee and/or residents and guests.

            All waste, rubbish and discards have been disposed of in parkade dumpsters.

  Soiled dishes have been placed and cleaned in the dishwasher excepting acrylics which must be washed and dried by hand.

                     The stove top, oven and gas grill must be properly cleaned.

          A $50 cleaning fee covers cleaning, wet/dry mopping, dusting and washing (windows, mirrors, floors, toilets, linens & towels).

Should damages and/or charges exceed the $500 held, the Lessor reserves the right to pursue the Lessee for full payment and to enforce collection by whatever means necessary with all collection costs for the account of the Lessee.


Electricity rates are expensive and a generous allowance of $50 is made for each month of tenancy or prorated for shorter periods. Individual mini-split air conditioning units allow for cooling of only the rooms in use. Generally, the breeze achieved by opening all doors and windows together with operation of ceiling fans are sufficient to achieve satisfactory comfort levels. Electrical use is accurately recorded by obtaining readings from the individual meter for the condominium unit by the Lessor’s representatives.


Bath towels are for internal use only. Beach towels are provided for pool and beach use.

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