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Human Weakness and Flaws
God created me to serve Him in this life. Me.  As imperfect as I am, He sees something in me that He can use. It makes me shake my head sometimes.

When I think about the person I am, and how small and insignificant my life is, I wonder how it is that He can actually use me. I mean, I have FLAWS.  Lots of them.  I lack confidence in myself.  I worry about what people will think. I have trouble expressing myself verbally. At times I act in anger rather than love. At times, I act in ignorance. And at times, I act in selfishness or pride.

But when I stop and think about it, I'm guessing most of us who try to serve God probably don't really think of ourselves as worthy to do so.  We are all flawed.  I guess there are things about all of us that some people don't like.  And there are probably things about all of us that aren't 'Christ Like.'

It occurs to me that at times we tend to confuse peoples' weaknesses with their sincerity.  I need to remember that if a person, a fellow brother or sister in Christ, says or does something that seems contrary to God's goodness, it most likely is not because he is not sincere in his love for God. It more likely is because he still has to deal with human weaknesses.

The great apostles, Peter and Paul, both had to deal with their human flaws.  There were times that they didn't reflect God's goodness in their everyday lives.  They were God's servants - they weren't God! They weren't perfect! Neither am I. Nor are the priests and bishops who serve us as spiritual advisors and guides. They aren't going to be perfect no matter how sincere they are. To expect anything more of them is to expect something that we ourselves can't give.

It seems to me we should live our lives loving God, ourselves and one another - making allowances for ourselves and one another and trusting that even though we aren't perfect as individuals, the work we do and the work others do will be made perfect by the grace of God - whether we are aware of it or not!

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Dee Huber (dgh118)
Ah, that's a great analogy!  A light switch with a dimmer.  I like that!  It's perfect!
Feb 27, 2011  ( 1 comment )  
Cher Leadbeater (cherjl)
I'm confused . I got notification that you commented on this but I did not see anything new?  Did I miss somethng?
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