6 - Share Jesus Without Fear

Share Jesus Without Fear


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These notes are from here www.keepandshare.com/doc/2611691/6-witnessing-share-jesus-without-fear


6 Questions (only respond with hmmm)

  1. Do you have any king of spiritual beliefs?
  2. Do you think there is a heaven or hell?
  3. If you died, where would you go?  
  4. (If they say heaven) Why would God let you in?
  5. May I show you what the Bible says one must do to go to heaven?

Common objections

  1. Too many errors.  Would you show me one?  "Well, I can't".  I can't either.  Let's turn to Romans 3.23.
  2. Too many translations.  Yes, but did you know they all say the same thing?

Scriptures Process

  1. Please read this outloud (Rom 10.17 principle)
  2. What does it say(mean) to you?  (Luke 10:26 principle) (if they get it wrong have them reread the verse "Would you please read it again")


  1. Romans 3.23  Have you ever committed murder, call people a fool, do you know that God says that is the same as murder
    1. Please read this out loud
    2. What does it say to you?
    3. Have you ever committed a murder?  Have you ever been angry or called someone a fool or wave them off on the freeway?  Did you know that God says that is the same as murder?
  2. Romans 6.23
    1. Please read this out loud
    2. What does it say to you?
    3. Did you notice I underlined the word "sin"?  I do that to remind me that there is no "s" at the end of "sin".  God says for me, for one sin, he'll send me to hell.  Point the finger at me.
    4. Did you notice I circled the word "in"?  I do that to remind me that God wants me in a relationship with his son and not in a religion. 
    5. Make transition to John 3:3 by saying:   Look you've just seen what what God wants for you, a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Perhaps you are wondering how you get into that kind of a relationship. 
  3. John 3.3
    1. Please read this out loud
    2. Do NOT ask "What does it say to you?"
    3. Why did Jesus come to die?
    4. Then take a pen out, when Jesus Christ went up on the cross and took our sin and dies, but remember the verse you just read, the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  My pen is just like the gift of God.  If you wanted my pen, what would you need to do?  (accept it).  Keep holding the pen if they say "thank you", "I have to pay for it".  Wait until they say "take it, accept it or receive it."  As soon as they say it, give the pen to them.  And say, the cross, is just like my pen, it doesn't become yours until you take it.  40:30
  4. John 14.6
    1. Please read this out loud
    2. What does it say to you?  OR Do you see any other way to get to heaven
  5. Romans 10.9-11
    1. Please read this out loud
    2. What does it say to you?
  6. Revelation 3:20
    1. Please read this out loud
    2. What does it say to you?

What to write down

  1. Up above Romans 3:23 write Romans 6:23
  2. Up above Romans 6:23 write John 3:3 AND
    1. Circle the word "sin"
    2. Cross out "death" and write in big letters "Hell"
    3. If it says "in", circle it
  3. Up above John 3:3 write John 14.6
    1. Put an X  (stands for exception)
    2. Draw a cross
    3. Why did Jesus come to die?
    4. ---at 40:31 minutes---
  4. Up above John 14:6 write Romans 10.9-11
  5. Up above Romans 10:9-11 write Revelation 3:20

The Close

The Five Commitment Questions (How to share the Gospel) (Write these into your Bible)

  1. Are you a sinner?  (Romans 3:23)
  2. Do you want forgiveness of sins?
  3. Do you believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for you and rose again?
  4. Are you willing to surrender your life to Jesus Christ?
  5. Are you ready to invite Jesus Christ into your life and into your heart?
  6. After asking question #5 "go silent and pray and wait for them to answer 
  7. If they say "no" ask "why" 

Saying yes, they are saved.  Still good to pray the "sinners prayer"


Deal with objections

  1. Keep asking "why"
  2. Having too much fun.  "I'm just curious, how many parties do you have to go to until you feel like a man".  "I want to make sure I presented the gospel clearly to you.  Let's suppose that you rejected Jesus Christ as you are about to do.  And something happens and you're dead.  According to God's word where does it say you'll go.  You'll go to hell.  Well have a nice evening.  (1:01:43 message)  Really difficult to live with the honest reality of knowing where you are going.
  3. "I'm too big of a sinner"  Ask "Why".  Remember that verse in Romans 10 that said all who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.  Do  you think




From the book Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay and the audio message from here.

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