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Our Debt Has Been Paid

In a crazy kind of way, I love Lent.


I really like the idea that we have a season set apart that focuses on getting our relationship with God back on track.


GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!  He is SO compassionate and so forgiving.  He loves us unconditionally. He wants so much to bring each of us into relationship with Him. He loves us so much that He allowed His only Son to be crucified to save us from our sins.  Our debt has been paid.


I don't think we always understand that.  Our debt has been paid.  It's not like He died hoping that His death would keep us from sinning.  He died because He knew we would sin.  So - I'm guessing it's not the fact that we DO sin that bothers Him. I bet what bothers Him more is having a bad attitude when we sin.


When we sin and humbly acknowledge our sin and have a sincere desire to do better, I think that pleases God.  That's right up His alley! He knows we're weak and He knows we're trying to please Him.  I believe sincerity and humility is what He's looking for.  So when we're sincere and humble toward God, realizing that we are dependent totally on His mercy and compassion, then we are in a right relationship with Him.


I don't think He's so pleased if we act like our sins aren't a big deal and we don't need to ask forgiveness. And I don't think He is too happy either when we think we've sinned so badly that He shouldn't forgive us.  That's like not accepting His forgiveness - which would mean He died in vain.


Lent is a great time to spend time reflecting on the way we live our lives, identifying our weaknesses and sins and asking God to 'create in us a clean heart!' with a right attitude!


I love Lent!

Creation date: Mar 10, 2011 4:14pm     Last modified date: Mar 10, 2011 4:40pm   Last visit date: May 25, 2022 6:38pm
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Mar 10, 2011  ( 1 comment )  
Cher Leadbeater (cherjl)
I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it gives us a time to reflect on our lives, but it also gives us a chance to reflect on Jesus and his love for us and how his sufferning was because he knew we would sin and not if we happened to sin.  That in itself is comforting because we know right off the bat that he didn't expect us to be perfect.  God is awesome
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