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 Upgrading TargetKey
TargetKey 2011
TargetKey 2011 is a major update to the original TargetKey 2009 program. Many new features have been added and we have incorporated many suggestions from our customers.
TargetKey 2011 will install along side your existing TargetKey program and not affect it in any way.
To Install TargetKey 2011.
Download TargetKey2011.zip to your PC.
Unzip the file and run TK8_1_9.exe.
It is always best to run the file as Administrator or with administrative rights.
Also if running Windows 7, right click on the exe file and click "Properties" at the bottom of the drop down window. Depending which version of Windows 7 you have you may see thye option to "Unblock" the file, click Unblock.
Follow the onscreen promps and answer "Yes" or "OK" to all the prompts and licensing agreements. Be aware that some of the "Prompt" screens hide behind other open screens and are not obvious.
Before you run TargetKey 2011 make sure you copy your "access.ini" from C:\LongRange LLC\TargetKey 2009 to C:\LongRange LLC\TargetKey 2011 or TargetKey 2011 will not run.
Moving your Database to 2011.
Download and unzip the file DataTransfer.zip.
This will give the Tranferv1.5.exe.
Depending on your operating system this file may need to be run from within the TargetKey 2011 folder.
Double click the file and follow the onscreen prompts.
This will copy all your data from TargetKey 2009 to TargetKey 2011 leaving the data intact in TargetKey 2009.
As usual if you need help give us a call.

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