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 Meditation for Holy Week

Interesting meditation this morning. A very special communion with Jesus.


I sat down for morning prayers. Before I started praying I actively tried to put myself in the presence of God. I thought about today being Palm Sunday. Today is the start of Holy Week. I began to think about Jesus' passion and death.


The Agony in the Garden - Jesus faced a horrific trial. He was scared. Really scared. He prayed. He did not want to go through it.  He wept.  He asked God to take it from Him. He was so distressed that His sweat became like drops of blood. Three times He asked God to take the trial from Him. God said no.  He said it had to be this way. And Jesus, because He had perfect love and trust in His father, accepted what had to be.


One of His trusted friends, Judas, betrayed Him.  Judas sold Jesus out for 30 pieces of silver.


Jesus, who didn't have a mean bone in His body, was handed over to be tortured. He was mocked, scourged, beaten and bruised - and He hadn't done anything wrong. He had gone about faithfully doing His father's business. And for that - He was being crucified.


He was made to carry a heavy cross through the streets of Jerusalem to Golgotha, the place of crucifixion.  How heavy that cross must have been - especially after having been tortured all night. It was hot outside.  He was weak.  He was thirsty. Every single step must have taken so much energy.


Though I know the story of Jesus' passion and death, sometimes I feel like I don't really understand it. It's hard for me to visualize and internalize what He actually went through. In a way, I want to understand better. It could only increase my Love for Him.  Because everything He went through, He went through for ME. Not just somebody else. Not just for all of mankind.  He went through it for ME.  I've heard it said that He would have gone through all of that just to save ONE person. Because that's how much He loves each and everyone of us. For some reason, He thought we were worth it.  I was worth it. It's really hard to comprehend that kind of love.


So - while I'm meditating this morning, I say to Jesus, "Let me walk with You this week.  I want to understand." 


Now, when I say this to Him, what I'm actually offering is "Open up my mind to help me better understand what You really went through for me."


But, this morning, Jesus talked back. He said, "Do you really want to walk with me?" And He made me understand what 'walking' with Him was really all about. 


It is about facing trials in life.  Scary trials. Cancer maybe. Death of a loved one. Loss of job. Tragedy.  You name it. Can I accept a trial in my life?  I don't get to choose the trial. God does.


If I am falsely accused this week, how will I handle it?


Am I ready to be berated? Mocked?  Shamed?


What if my most trusted friends betray me this week? Am I ready to feel the pain of betrayal? How will I respond?




Wow!  I'm sorry Jesus. I just can't say it.  I can't say "Yes!  Send me trials so I can walk with You!"


I don't want to go through trials.  I hate trials!


But I can offer You this. I love You with all of my heart. I know that You are all loving, all wise, and all compassionate. I know deep inside myself that You will not allow any trial that You can not transform into something good. And so, while I cannot 'invite' a trial into my life, with Your divine help, I will do my best to bear any trials that come my way - this week and any time throughout my life.  I trust that You will give me the strength to bear all for a greater good. I just ask that You not leave me - even for one second - to bear these trials alone.


Strengthen me.  Use me. Unite any suffering that comes my way to Your divine suffering. Help me to be a true daughter of God, Most High.


I ask it in Your Most Holy and Loving Name.



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Apr 17, 2011  ( 1 comment )  
Apr 18, 2011  ( 1 comment )  
3:24 am
Dee Huber (dgh118)

Amen to that!   :-)

Jan 20, 2013  ( 5 comments )  
8:23 am

I just got a notification that you updated this but I am not sure how. The only thing I can see might be the information under the *************


If this is correct.  What trial are you facing? I am home sick again. I missed my spiritual direction class and Mass today. I did watch Mass on TV and the two things that stuck out to me were "No more shall people call you "Forsaken" or your land "Desolate' but you shall be called "My delight" from the 1st reading and then "Have the faith of Mary" from the Gospel.


You are so right that it is so hard to have that faith, but he is right, I know that we are not forsaken and our land is not desolate. We are his delight and he just wants us to have that faith that he will bring us through all trials no matter how bad we think they are. We can do all things through Christ who strenghtens us......


I do not know what new trial you are facing but I will pray to the Lord to give you the strength you will need to come through it. His strength, his love, will conquer all of the attempts by the devil to prevent us loving and trusting him.


Know that I love you and will be praying for you......


9:18 am
Dee Huber (dgh118)

Ha!  Sorry!  I was just re-reading some of the things I had written!  I didn't update or edit anything!  I didn't know it would send you a notification that I had modified it!  No new trials!


So sorry you're sick again!  What's up with that?  Is it still the cold and cough hanging on?

9:40 am

Oh good to know that all is well. Yes I can't seem to shake it. Just as I think I am over it, it rears its ugly head again. This time with a sore throat and just yucky feelings

11:47 am
Dee Huber (dgh118)

Maybe you should try taking some Cold Eeze or Airborne in addition to whatever other medication you're taking. I think both of those products boost your immune system so maybe if you keep taking them awhile even after you start feeling better it will help it not come back! Neither of them do anything to help the symptoms -but they help you to knock the bug! I usually start sucking on the Cold Eeze tablet as soon as I feel my throat feel funny or any type of congestion and my cold never lasts longer than 2 or 3 days.


Feel better soon!!!!!!!!!

12:10 pm

I think you are right. I think my immune system is way down. It wouldn't hurt anyway.

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