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01 Stella

Update received August 2011: We took the dogs for a small hike and swim in the St. Croix today and I thought you might like to see these pictures! She likes to wait for him to get about half way back with the stick and then try to take it from Charlie while they're in the water! She's doing pretty well off the leash, she mostly follows Charlie's lead. They have a big dog bed they share and snuggle up in. We still kennel her over night but she stays out during the day. She still likes to chew a lot! She's really good at sticking to her rawhides but once in awhile she'll sneak something she's not supposed to! Just wanted to send a quick update!


Update received January 2011: Everything is going even better than we thought it would! Stella has made herself right at home, she and Charlie are getting along great. She has been doing really well with the kennel and has been chewing on her toys only. Charlie has been a good role model and she's definitely getting the hang of "come" and "sit" (especially if you have a treat!).


It already feels like she's been with us forever! She and Charlie have discovered how to play tug-of-war with each other, it's hilarious! After the first couple of days they settled down and Tuck and I actually got to play with her a little too! ;) She is SUCH a cuddly little puppy! She loves getting her belly and ears scratched. She's probably had about one rawhide a DAY, she LOVES them! You weren't joking! Just wanted you to know that everything is going well and we are loving her!  

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