07 Niko

Update received July 2010: Niko has made himself at home with us from day one, and he is such a delight to have around. He adopted us on June 19, and has tripled in size in this month that has passed so quickly.  He tries so hard to play with our cats, one of whom "plays" by setting himself up to be chased. The other reminds him once or twice a day who really is the boss, and thereby keeps him in his place.  Niko plays daily with two neighbor dogs. Bella is a year-old black lab mix, and her excitability rubs off on Niko, but he calms right back down when they are apart. Eddie is a year-old Yorkie. Niko and Eddie play nicely together.  Our boy started Puppy Class with Canine Coach on July 20. We are quite impressed both with his behavior, and with the knowledge and helpfulness of our teacher, Danielle. We recommend Canine Coach, as ADR recommended them to us. With their help, Niko's few bad habits will easily come under control, and they will help us to help him be a happy dog.  Thanks, Shelley and Mary, and everyone else at ADR for all you do!

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