07 Tucker

Update received July 2010: I just wanted to give you a quick update on Tucker's first evening/morning here! We decided last night to name him Luca (even though Tucker is an adorable name, too) :)


Luca did SO WELL his first night with us! We knew he was an awesome puppy, but wow! We gave him dinner shortly after you left, then took him for about a thirty minute walk. You're right, he is amazing on the leash! He did his business outside during the walk, which we rewarded with treats and tons of 'Good boys!' We also ran into a couple of people while on our walk, and he did great: not jumping up, letting people pet him a bit, then continuing on the walk.

After we came inside, he immediately laid on his dog bed and slept for awhile. Once he woke up, we took him outside one more time and played in the yard for awhile.


It took us about an hour to get him into the crate for bedtime, since we wanted him go in on his own volition. We put one of Nick's shirts, a chipmunk toy that he seemed to like, a chew stick, a couple of small treats, and a rope in there (as well as the soft bed lining the crate). Once he finally went in and stayed in, we closed the door and got into bed ourselves. I peeked into the crate after a couple of minutes, and he was already asleep. He slept THROUGH THE NIGHT, which we weren't expecting at all! Nick and I both kept waking up and peering into the crate, only to see Luca sleeping soundly. He didn't whine at all or have an accident- HOORAY!


We got up this morning around 7:00, and he was laying down and just kind of looking at us with his ears perked up like, 'Oh, hi!' We took him out immediately and he went potty. I then took him for a quick walk around the neighborhood, played a little in the yard, and now he's sleeping soundly on his bed! After that he'll have his breakfast (with the medicine mixed in), and we'll go for another walk.


I cannot adequately express how happy we are to have Luca in our family. He is such a sweet, loving, amazing pup. Thank you so much! We'll make sure to keep you updated as he grows (don't worry, future updates won't be as long as this one- I promise!).  Thanks again, from the bottom of our hearts

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