08 Gordon

Update received November 2012:  I've enclosed a few pictures of Walter. We adopted him in August of 2010 and got a friend for him the next summer through Safe Hands rescue, his name is Jack. We think Walter is a mix of lab, greyhound and some Sheppard?? Walter is 2 1/2 yrs we estimate. Jack looks to be a Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix and is almost 2. They're best buds. It is the most wonderful thing in the world having these two guys.

Update received December 2010: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Here's some recent pic's of Walter (Gordon), he's getting so tall!! Still super sweet, the calmest puppy I've ever seen! He takes his "sitting" very seriously:)


Update received August 2010: The first nights have gone great! He is doing good, think he misses his dog pals a little, but we've been playing in the yard a lot to keep him busy. We named him Walter, it seems to fit him:) We're working on the nipping, it's getting a little better, but we know it might take little more time since he's so young. Here's some pic's we took when we got home.  He wiggled a lot:)


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