12 Cali

Update Received February 2010: We found Cali via the web at "All Dog Rescue". She is an Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler. The web description said, "She is very sweet and loving, walks well on a leash, and loves human companionship. She is fully house trained, likes to snuggle on the couch, and is an all around wonderful girl." At the time of adoption, she was 1 to 2 years old, probably born some time in 2008. Her former owners dropped her off at an animal shelter in Bemidji and never returned. We adopted her on 12/23/2009.

On her first day with us, after some initial apprehension, she went a long way toward adapting to our house and family. She showed her loving nature and was far along in the bonding process. She was very well mannered on our first walk, doing a lot of sniffing along the new terrain. That night, she curled up next to my wife on the couch while we were watching TV. I brought her outside to do her potty business without a leash. Whenever she explored too far, I simply called her name and she came running back. She responded to "come" and "sit" and knew how to "fetch" (our other dogs knew "keep away"). At night, she curled up next to my wife on our bed and slept between us. All of this is in her first day with us.

Cali certainly loves her walks. She takes full advantage of the 25-foot leash, romping back and forth across the road, sniffing and watching for critters. She looks for squirrels and deer, but does not seemed to care about turkeys.  Cali is the only dog we have had that would come to us when we called her name.  Cali is a little "mouthy", most likely due to her breed. In playtime, she does not actually bite, but gently puts her mouth around your hand to let you know she won that part of the game. It is not unusual to be walking down the hall and suddenly feel a lick or gentle bite on your hand. She will also be at your heel trying to herd you. She is very loving. She gives lots of kisses and likes to cuddle, especially on the couch next to Maria and on our bed, where she sleeps between us. One morning, my wife and I were cuddling. Cali came back to the bed, stood on top of us, and basically told us to move apart so that she could reclaim her place between us.

While loving, Cali does not seem to care about being petted. Cali loves to associate with people and dogs. On walks, I have to put her on a short leash when approaching other people and dogs. When we have company, she is very well behaved once we are past the initial meet-and-greet (she wants to jump up on our visitors).  Cali lets us know when she wants to go outside (to do potty or play), go for a walk, or be fed by coming to us and give lots of kisses. She gets excited when you use the words "outside", "walk", and "supper".


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