12 Mauer

Update Received December 2009: here are a few pictures we took of Mauer today and yesterday. He's adjusting so well. Only 1.5 accidents so far :) and all yesterday. so far so good today. and he's a champ. kind of a wimp in the snow though... didn't last playing outside with the kids in the snow. :) He and Bauer have been VERY interested in each other. Let's just say Bauer now has to play with all his toys, that he hasn't played with in about 6 months now that Mauer has an interest in them :) I think they'll become great buddies... super cute. Mauer can hold his own. :) He misses you and the dogs i'm sure. he gets sad in his crate but doing pretty good after a few minutes of whining. woke us up at 4 this morning but after we let him out slept until 7! :) woohoo! like a baby.

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