12 Favre

Update Received July 2012: Well it has been awhile since you have been updated on this guy. The last time you saw him, he had pink in his nose and still a puppy. He is now almost 3 years old and what a handsome boy he is! I am absolutely in love with this dog, and I cannot thank All Dog enough for allowing us to have the opportunity to provide him his forever home. What your organization does for dogs is amazing! Thank you!

Update Received March 2009: Just wanted to give you a brief update on what is going on with our Murphy guy! He is just a fantastic dog, we have so much fun with him, whether it is taking him to the local dog park or watching him on the Puppy Cam at Camp Bow Wow...where he runs himself silly playing with the other dogs! He plays so well with them and certainly likes to think he is much bigger than he is! :) We are able to do some training with him at the Park by calling him away from distractions, it is the best to see him stop in his tracks look around for us and just take a sprinting b-line in our direction. And it certainly never gets old to hear from people how adorable he is, which they are certainly correct!

Murphy is currently enrolled in obedience classes at the K9Coach and is really excelling. I might be a bit biased, but he is not only the youngest guy there, but seems to be the smartest. He catches on sooo quickly and only needs to be told once most of the time! He has two classes left and then on to Obedience too...we might even do agility just for the fun of it!  He has become just phenomenal with our cats, and no longer tries to play with them as he knows they are NOT interested in the least, and he puts up with them yelling at him. To the point of seeking our permission to enter the room...I am thinking it wont be long til the cats and Murphy are snuggling! *perhaps wishful thinking too*  In any case, thank you so much All Dog for giving us the opportunity to take him into our home as we wouldn't trade him for anything!! We love that guy so much and can't wait til spring so we can have a family photo shoot with JustPawsitive!!

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