10 Levi

Update Received October 2009: I have to tell you that Levi has taken over the house. We are all in love with him. I think he has even grown a bit too. We went to a dog park the other day and he was thrilled with himself. You have done a fantastic job training him to the leash and you're right he adores big dogs. We've introduced him to the big dog on the block "Penney" and they got along fine. He has a Jack Sparrow costume for halloween and I have to say he looks pretty cute. He has been pretty good on the house training he really does try to make the pee pads. He a good boy. Thank you again and if you would like to come and see him we would be delighted. Happy Howloweeeeeeen.


Update Received October 2009: You can't imagine the joy that levi has spread since his arrival. We are thrilled with the little fella. The first day he was kinda sad without you but he had a good night without any crying at all. Every day he is coming out of himself a little bit more. Please don't worry about him. I think he is quite happy. He and Otto have bonded really well. He sleeps either on his bed or on a big pillow on the floor beside him. He tried to follow him to the bus stop today. It must be love! I'll try and keep you updated on his progress but I'm a little lazy with the e-mailing sorry. Thanks and take care.

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