08 Addie

Update Received October 2009: She’s doing fine. She’s very obedient for me, but doesn’t listen well to the kids yet. We are still working on the “pecking order.” But she is a joy. I was gone for four days last week, and when I returned she was so happy she ran all over the house and yard, tail wagging, licking and rubbing against me for nearly 15 minutes. That was the best “welcome home” I’ve ever received! My work travel schedule stops in mid-November through the holidays, so that’s when we’ll begin the formal obedience classes in Woodbury. But she appears to be a very happy (and energetic) dog. Her coat is turning more beige along the back and ears and she’s a little taller, but still has not filled out. Last appointment (about two weeks ago) she was up to 65 pounds. I think she looks skinny – but our vet says she looks perfect. What’s so funny is that she still chews and plays with her toys like a little puppy (see pic…not very lady-like, but enjoying life!). It is so awkward we always have to laugh at her. She also has discovered that we have bunnies in our yard. That’s been the only real issue with being leashless. Otherwise, she always comes when called. Compared to our last dog (who was loving but brainless), Addie is a great companion.

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