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08 Ricky

Update Received December 2012: We had a friend who is a photographer take some photos of Remmers and Scarlett and thought you might enjoy these. Scarlett will pose all day long, a total ham. Remington absolutely HATES having his picture taken and it shows. He really has turned into a beautiful boy.

Update Received January 2010: I just had to share just 2 more with you. The snow is up to the roof in our back yard, so Remy has decided to make this his snow fort. He's a snow tunneler! We had talked about maybe doing a DNA test on him, just because we're so curious as to what he's a mix of. (I swear Shelly, he is the laziest puppy I have ever seen in my life!) After watching him in latest MN weather, we've concluded he is a shepherd/polar bear mix.


Update Received August 2009: Remy has definitely established his place in the house. And as you can see from the pictures - Scarlett LOVES him! They play constantly - to the point that they have to be taken outside separately. Otherwise, he is just too busy to remember what he's outside for. :-) She is really quite the mother hen with him. He woke up the first night, but since has slept through the night. I think it helps that Scarlett sleeps by his kennel. He's not too sure of what to think of the cats. He uses his deep bark on them - it's hilarious! I hope you enjoy the pictures. I think he's already grown since these. We're going to take paw prints once a month just to watch how much he grows.

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