06 Hendrix

Update Received July 2009: Hank (Hendrix) has been such a wonderful addition. From the time we picked him up from his foster mom and started home, we all began bonding immediately. He has had so much to explore and learn now that he is a farm dog. He is smart and will do anything for a treat or praise and petting. He is learning to come when called (most of the time) except when he thinks he should play more. He has personality plus and a face with so many expressions that you can't stay mad for long cuz he knows just exactly what expression to give ya. He has never had an accident in the house and does well with separation now. He loves toilet paper rolls and kleenex boxes, I have picked up alot of shredded of both but that's the worst he's done. I've gotten smart and keep both out of his reach..us human mom's take a little longer to catch on sometimes!!! He has brought so much joy and laughs into our lives...Thanks Dog Rescue

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