04 Heidi

Update Received October 2014: I wanted to pass on a picture of Phoebe from June.


Update Received January 2010: Hi! I thought you might like to see what Phoebe is up to these days. We got 2 kittens in October when they were about 8-10 wks old. Phoebe and the kittens ADORE eachother. Their names are Phineas and Pherb. Phoebe is doing great and has adjusted so well. It took a few months to get our routines to jive (especially the potty breaks---she had a few accidents but none in a long time). We are so happy to have her in our family and we really appreciate the love and care you gave her!


Update Received May 2009: Just wanted to let you know we are doing great with Phoebe. She's feeling much more comfortable. I think she's doing really well with her leg. I took her for a walk tonight and I was able to walk at a pretty good pace without her lifting her leg. Here are a couple of pics. ps--we think it's so funny when she sleeps on her back.

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