03 Toby

Update Received April 2009: we adopted toby (blue chihuahua) because we wanted to give a good home to another dog. we rescued our 1st dog, klaus von hund (jack/beagle mix)3 years ago. on a whim i googled dog rescues in minneapolis and started browsing. we were looking for a small dog as we live in a loft in the city. toby popped up on the website and we immediately fired off some emails. next thing you know natalie was bringing him by for a meeting. a few days later we adopted him and the rest is history. we tried changing toby's name to no avail... HOWEVER when my 12 year old was visiting for spring break he kept calling toby "toby one kenobi". then it clicked...a name to honor his heritage and to give him some pride...tobi juan kenobi. HAHA tobi has been a great addition to our family. he loves loft living and enjoys playing and chasing his brother klaus around. he's a good cuddler and an avid protector of his 2 dads. thanks natalie and susan for giving us our tobi juan kenobi!!!

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