10 Riley

Update Received December 2012: Happy New Year! Thought we would send some updated photos of Shiner! As Shiner gets older his personality seem to grow exponentially as well! He is king of the castle and it shows! Thanks for all you do!

Update Received March 2009: Shiner is the best dog ever! Very affectionate, loving and smart, and HILARIOUS guy! His training is coming along excellently, except for some common puppy chewing... I thought his fosters would like to see how big he has become... He is now 62 pounds and still growing at 7 months! I attached some photos! Thank you for such a great dog, we are very happy!


Update Received November 2008: Thought you would like an update on Shiner. He is a super smart dog and is catching on to training very well. He has lots of four legged friends that keep him busy and he loves to jump in the leaves. I am attaching some photos, he is growing exponentially! He's up to 20 lbs now! Take care!

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