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Visiting STJP School's Shares (account name: stjpschool)
This is a test to see how easy it will be to embed this document in to a webpage.  I am not sure how the text wrapping will work or anything else but I guess I will see by trying this out.  I am really not sure how it will work.  How do I insert an image I wonder.  I guess I will try and find out.

I uploaded this photo from my computer and picked S for the size. I wonder how this will work?  What folder do you think the picture uploaded to? I am curious to find this out! I wonder how I can insert a hyperlink.  I don't see it in the options. I guess I will try that here.
That was easy I just typed it in.  How about a youtube video? Lets try a hyperlink to the video and see what happens.
Now I will try the embed code
I think it is time to save this document to see how to insert it in my website.

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