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1st Grade - Room 8









Welcome to Saint Joseph the Protector first grade class.  I am very pleased to be your child’s teacher and I am anticipating a wonderful year full of many blessings.

Listed below are some general explanations of classroom procedures and requirements.  I’ve also included an outline of subjects that will be taught.  I hope this information proves helpful.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know.




Classroom Management-

On the first day of school, the children will work together to generate a list of rules for school. Children will be encouraged daily to follow the rules and positively reinforced for good behavior.  Children who need to modify their behavior will work closely with the teacher to make good choices. 




Religion- Students will be learning about the Holy Family and the life of Christ.  Since the children will be required to recite the Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary and the Sign of the Cross it is advisable to make prayer time part of your family time.  Children will attend mass monthly and will prepare a first Friday mass in the spring.


Reading- Please attempt to set aside a few minutes each day where the family stops everything to read.  Your child will model your love for reading.  Read everything from soup labels, signs, magazines, newspapers, etc.  Read, Read, Read!!!!!!


Math- Do you remember what a rectangular prism looks like?  How about an A B pattern?  Don’t fret…your little one will help you.  In math, your child will learn to numbers up to 120, add and subtract using manipulatives, strategies, and memory math.


Writing- The first grade will simultaneously use the writing instruction and format in the reading series along with the writing workshop.  Your little ones will work through the writing process and be jouraling frequently.


Science and Social Studies-This year, the children will explore the world around them and the creatures that share the earth.  They will be learning the life cycle of insects, birds, and mammals.


Spanish- Hablo espanol?  Si! and so will your children.  Instruction in conversational Spanish will begin this fall.


Penmanship- The first grade uses the Palmer method of straight lines and circles.  It is VERY important that your child hold the pencil correctly and that they start from the top of the line and pull the letters down (research shows a connection to writing topdown and reading).  Children are encouraged to be neat.


Socialization- Saint Joseph the Protector School takes pride in its efforts to be bully free.  Children are taught character development from the first day of school and are encouraged to make faith based decisions.



For many students, homework is a new experience.  Please assist your child in forming a positive attitude toward homework and valuing its importance.  First graders will receive anywhere from 5-15 minutes of homework per night. Please check your child's homework for accuracy.  If you notice your child struggling with a concept, please email me so I can provide additional instruction.  Please intitial all completed homwork and return to school the following day.  I will check homework for completion.  Homework does contribute to the final grade in all subject areas.  Homework not completed will be finished during recess.



Your child will be assessed in a variety of ways during first grade.  To eliminate testing anxiety, children are not notified of upcoming assessments except for spelling tests.  I will be sending home test folders approximately every two to three weeks.  Please review all test papers, initial, and move the papers from the right pocket to the left.  Please do not remove any assessment from the folder.  If you have any questions regarding an assessment, please contact me at your convenience.  



The best way to contact me is through a written note or an email (jgindhart@stjpschool.org).  I generally will respond quickly.  Please send a note regarding line changes and absences as these must be kept on file.


School information will go home weekly in the family envelope.  Please be aware of deadlines when returning forms.  Please do not return any correspondence in the family envelope as it is not checked until the following week. 


Updates can also be found on the school web page.  Please check back often to keep informed.



Copy book colors  (this is always confusing)


Red –Reading words to be practiced daily.  Children do not need to be able to spell their reading words.


Blue – Spelling words.  Each week there will be ten spelling words.  Six of those words follow a phonetic pattern, two are review from the previous list, and the last two are challenge words.


Purple – Daily Do book for class work.      


Journals – This copybook will be used as a journal and will hopefully inspire creative writing.






Please check that your child has the necessary school materials in a zippered pencil case.  The pencil case will go home weekly.

  •  glue sticks  
  •  glue bottle 
  •  scissors                         
  •  4 sharpened pencils
  •  crayons
  •  Pink Eraser



Our Special Schedule: 



Will let you know shorty!


          Monday –








I hope this information is helpful in easing the transition from Kindergarten to Fabulous First Graders.  I look forward to meeting you in the near future!



                                                                   Many Blessings,

                                                                   Ms. Gindhart

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