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Dear Parents,                                                                                                             October 2, 2014


ELA:  We will be continuing Unit 1 on Exploration.  So far we have visited different communities, explored space, and took a camping trip.  Now we are finishing up our walk in the desert.  At the end of the unit the students will take an assessment before moving on to Unit 2.


Writing:   As you know, we have written two different writing samples, a personal narrative and a realistic fiction.  We will continue to explore the various types of literature throughout the year and look forward to more creative writings.  As we work on our writings, we will continue to practice proper sentence structure, capitalization, and punctuation. 


Religion:  In Chapter 4 we will learn more about the sacrament, Baptism.  If your child would like to bring any items to ‘show & tell’ from Baptism (candle, articles of clothing, picture, etc) they may do that once we start.  We will try to say a decade of the Rosary each day in honor of Mary Our Lady of the Rosary.  On-Line Resource:  www.webelieveweb.com is a site based on our text book where children can review for tests, play games and you can print activities for your child. 


 Math:     As you can tell, we have been working on place value and will continue to do so in Chapter 2.

We have concentrated on the ones and tens place until now and will expand what we have learned into hundreds place. 


Miscellaneous:  Please don’t forget to sign the calendars for reading each night—reading is an important part of their homework!  Starting in October, if the children read twenty times total for the month they will receive a sticker on a classroom chart.  At the conclusion of the school year, the children that have accumulated the most stickers will earn a special surprise.

Science/Math:  We will be doing a little experiment with apples.  We taste-test different types ofapples, tally our votes and do a second grade pictograph of the data collected.  If anyone has a knack for Science and would like to come in to show experiments, just let us know!


Homework:  Just to reiterate, you do not need to sign each page of homework, however, we do ask that you check for accuracy.  If your child does not understand the concept, please write a note in the HW Copybook.  We do our best to put the homework online each night, however, the server often goes down after school.  If one room does not have it available, check the other classroom.  The homework is the same for both classes.


Box Tops:  Yes, we are still collecting them and various contests will be held throughout the year.  Save & send them in!


Parent Conferences:  Don’t forget we have parent conferences at the end of the month.  Information will be coming through the Family Envelope. 


We appreciate your cooperation and support.  We are looking forward to meeting with you at conferences and discussing your child’s progress.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that may arise. 


Happy Autumn!         Mrs. Heidi Hector and Mrs. Maggie Cooney







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