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We are looking forward to getting to know you and your child and make it a fun, pleasant experience for all of us.   The following information should be helpful now and as the year progresses.  If you have any additional procedural questions that cannot be answered by the school manual which is on-line, or this packet, please feel free to contact us.  This information is under Class Information on the website.




     Religion: The Blessed Trinity, the Church, Sacraments, the Mass, Mary, the Liturgical Year, Special Saints’ Feast Days, Preparation for Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

     Math:  Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Measurement and Data (time, money, graphing, etc.), Geometry/Fractions. 

     English Language Arts:   Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening (including grammar--sentences, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs), Reading/Comprehension Skills, Writing Process, Handwriting

     Other:  Science/Social Studies (integrated into the curriculum, but not graded), Physical Education,  

              Art, Library, Music, Spanish and Technology





Homework will be written in the Homework Copybook.  The Homework Book should be signed by the parent/guardian each night.  It is not necessary to sign each page of homework as long as it has been reviewed.  It will be normal for your child to need some help, however, if you feel he/she is having more difficulty than you’re comfortable with, please write a note in the Homework Book.  We review the HW book and stamp it each morning.  Homework is an assessment and will be taken into consideration as grades are finalized. 


Each day the children copy their homework from the board.  We also list and number the books needed to complete that night’s assignments.  If for some reason a book is left in the classroom students are asked not to come back to school or return into the classroom once dismissed.  Missed homework assignments will be completed during recess to reiterate its importance.  We are trying to make the children responsible for their own work and to take ownership for their actions. 


Also please be sure your child brings a book to school each day.  They will read their book when they complete an assignment and others are still working.  This gives the opportunity to read independently throughout the day.





We have been asked not to give tests on Monday and we honor that as much as possible. You will be given ample notice of tests via the Homework Copybook.  Sometimes we give a Math test on Mondays since it is a subject that you don’t ‘study’ for.  All graded tests will be sent home in the test folder.  Please sign and return them the next day.  If a test is scheduled and we’re off due to inclement weather, the test will be given the following school day. 





 If you are late, please bring your child to the office, obtain a late pass, then walk your child to the front door of the lower building and have him/her walk to the classroom.  Due to security reasons, we ask that you do not come up to the classroom.  Thank you.  If your child is absent, please send a note to school when he/she returns stating the reason for the absence.  Also, don’t forget to call Child Check!                                          




We also use a “Traffic Signal” for classroom management.  Every child starts on green each morning.  If a child is distracting or breaks a class rule, he/she moves her named clothespin to yellow.  If the behavior stops, they move back to green; if it continues they move to red.  Yellow gives them an opportunity to change their behavior and therefore is not recorded.  If they reach red, we will send a note via the Homework Copybook or email.  Please discuss the situation with your child.  If the particular behavior problem is recurring, we will contact you for further discussion.



Daily Notes/E-Mail:

You may send in notes with your child, contact us through the office, or by e-mail.  Our e-mail addresses are mcooney@stjpschool.info   and    hhector@stjpschool.info  .  You may also access this address by using the Saint Joseph the Protector Website.  The best way to contact us is e-mail.



 Initial conferences will be scheduled at the end of October.  If you should have concerns throughout the year and need to speak with either of us, please contact us and we can schedule a conference at a mutually convenient time.


We look forward to working with you and your child.  Together we know we can create a learning experience that is both enriching and fun!




Mrs. Maggie Cooney           and              Mrs. Heidi Hector










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