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Classroom Information


Below is an outline containing some information concerning fourth grade curriculum and policies.


I.              Academics

A. Religion

    1. God the Father
    2. The 10 Commandments
    3. The Beatitudes
    4. The Liturgical Year
    5. Prayers
    6. Conscience
    7. Social Justice
    8. Works of Mercy
    9. Virtues 

B. Social Studies

    1. Geography of Pennsylvania
    2. Native Americans in PA
    3. Colonial PA
    4. The role of PA in a developing nation
    5. Economy and government in PA
    6. Philadelphia, the Birthplace of the Nation 

C. Math - using GoMath program

    1. Operations and Algebraic Thinking
    2. Number and Operations in Base Ten
    3. Number and Operations- Fractions
    4. Measurement and Data
    5. Geometry
    6. Problem solving throughout the year


            a. Literature

      1. Determing theme
      2. Character Descriptions
      3. Difference among genres
      4. Point of view

b. Informational Texts

      1. Use text as a reference
      2. Main idea and supporting details
      3. Interpret information presented in different ways
      4. Integrate information from various texts
      5. Describe structure of information in text

c. Foundational Skills

      1. Phonemic Awareness
      2. Fluency

d. Writing

      1. Opinion pieces
      2. Informative/explanatory pieces
      3. Narratives 
      4. Peer and teacher/student editing
      5. Short research projects
      6. Routine writing over extended time frames and shorter time frames

e. Speaking and Listening

      1. Engage in a range of discussions
      2. Report on a topic

f. Language

      1. Standard English grammar and usage
      2. Capitalization, punctuation, spelling
      3. Knowledge of language and its conventions
      4. Determine meaning of unknown words

II.              Homework

A. Written homework is assigned Monday through Thursday, and study homework is assigned Monday through Friday.


B. Homework is displayed on the Smartboard each day and is the responsibility of the student to copy it down into their planner.  Each student will have a homework “buddy” to call in case they are absent or did not copy down all their homework, and the homework for the week will also be displayed on my website.  I put the homework on my website on Mondays; however, assigned homework might change during the week.


C. Written homework will be checked each day. Each homework assignment will be worth 2 points, and late homework assignments are worth 1.


D. Completed workbook pages should be kept in the workbook to use as a study guide for tests and quizzes. Worksheets should be kept in a folder for later use as study guides.


III.              Tests and Quizzes

A. Most quizzes will be worth 25-50 points. 
B. Most tests will be worth 100 points.
C. All graded tests and quizzes will be sent home in the students’ test folders and should be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the teacher by the assigned day.
D. Students will be given 5-7 days notice for major tests. 
E. Students should study their printed notes and class notes for their tests and quizzes. Information from class discussions will also show up on tests and quizzes.


IV.              Class Work

A. Most class assignments are worth 5-10 points each.
B. These assignments should be completed in Seatwork Copybooks.
C. Students will be writing home to parents each week in their Parent Journals, and parents are encouraged to write back.  The students’ work will count as a class assignment.  Parents won’t be graded!


V.            Projects

A.  Most projects are worth 100-150 points.
B.  3-4 weeks notice will be given for all projects.
C.  Students are expected to complete these projects individually.


VI.           Conduct

A.  Discipline policies are followed as outlined in the student handbook.

B.  Students worked together as a class to create the classroom rules.

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