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 Welcome to Third Grade





Welcome to Third Grade!  Listed below are some general explanations of classroom procedures and requirements and an outline of subjects to be taught.   




Responsible Me:  Each child has a behavior card.  If a student is observed being ‘extra’ caring, courteous, giving, etc., he/she will receive a sticker for the card.  When the student receives 10 stickers, they will be rewarded with a token of recognition and receive a new card.  However, if he/she interferes with the learning of another student or does not follow the rules (after a reasonable number of reminders), the date is marked on the card and the student will write down how he/she could better handle the situation next time.  The card will be taped into the HW Assignment Book for your signature and should be returned the next day.  If the student’s actions are repetitive or the behavior warrants, we will notify you so we can discuss and work together to solve the issue. 


Responsible Us-Teamwork:   A 100 chart is mounted in the classroom.  When the class as a whole receives a compliment from an adult in the school for their behavior/manners, or displays commendable cooperative group effort, a number from 1-100 is picked from a bag.  That chosen number is placed over its match on the chart.  When the class covers 5 numbers in a row (like bingo), they get a class prize (i.e., movie w/snack on a Friday afternoon, extra recess, etc.)



Religion – The Blessed Trinity; the Church; the Sacraments; the Mass; Mary; the Liturgical Year; Special Saints’ Feasts, Social Justice

Mathematics – Place value, Operations (fluently add and subtract within 1000; fluently multiply and divide within 100 – “know from memory all products of two one-digit numbers”); Fractions; Measurement (time, length, liquid volume, mass, perimeter and area); Geometry.

Language – Literature (Poetry, Prose); Grammar (Sentences, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions); Spelling; Correct Usage; Phonics; Vocabulary; Speaking and Listening Skills; the Writing Process; Handwriting; Library Reference Skills

Science (not graded): Science Tools and the Scientific Method; Geology (Rocks, Minerals, and Soil Formation); the Water Cycle; Force and Motion; the Human Body, Living Things (Adaptations)

Social Studies(not graded): Map Skills, Geography (landforms), Government, Economics, Holidays, Important people in history, Citizenship and the community, Current Events

Other: Physical Education; Art; Music; Spanish; and Technology. These subjects are not graded 


HOMEWORK:  Please sign the homework assignment book each night.  Your signature will indicate to us that you have checked the written work and reviewed the study assignments with your child.  A homework average is factored into the effort grade on the report card, and more than 3 missed or incomplete assignments will be reflected in this category.  Exceptions will be made, but a note from you will be needed.  It is hoped that this policy will foster a sense of responsibility and ownership for one’s work.  Homework should not take longer than 50 minutes to complete (this includes mandatory 15 minutes of reading or being read to).  Homework will be posted online each day by 5:00 pm under the “Homework” button within the classroom apple icon.  We do forget sometimes – oh, those Jr. Sr. Moments!


ASSESSMENTS:  Report cards are distributed on a trimester basis.  Grades will be derived from a variety of sources:  pencil/paper tests, quizzes, homework, classwork, class participation, and projects.  Graded work will be sent home in the Test Folder on Monday, or the first school day of the week.  Please sign and return the folder the next day.  If a test is scheduled for a day when classes are cancelled due to bad weather, etc., that test will be given the next school day.


CORRESPONDENCE:   The best way to contact us is by e-mail.  Our e-mail addresses are Ldolan@stjpschool.org and Mphillips@stjpschool.org.   School mail will be sent home weekly in the family envelope.  Classroom information can be accessed on the school website.  Just go to www.stjpschool.org, click on Classrooms (under Quick Links on the right), and then the Room 204 or 205 apple.  You will find the following buttons to click:


Home:  This general information is very important.  It tells you our curriculum, classroom policies, including homework, behavior management, specific school policies, etc.  This will stay up all year for your reference.  

Class Information:  Each 4-5 weeks a Bulletin will be published for the purpose of letting you know what is happening in the classroom.  Hopefully, you will not consider them too tortuous to read—we try to add some humor!  “Bulletin” will be written in their HW Assignment Book to let you know it’s updated. These will be kept on the site all year.  This is your first of many!

Calendar:  Information pertaining to our classroom/school such as days off, due dates, scholastic orders, field trip money, pizza money, special events.

Galleries:  The kids’ favorite button; they love to see themselves!  Pictures of different events, projects, and trips that we do in the classroom.

Homework:   Copying homework from the board can be difficult for some - more so for the parents when they try to decipher the writing.  Homework will be posted each night on this button by 5:00pm.  We do admit that we forget sometimes, but we do our best!

Links:   Each month beginning in October, your child will read a book of their choice to the class.  This button gives you the day/date of their scheduled reading and you can also print a copy of the Question Sheet (2-sided) that needs to be done for their reading day.  More information will be sent out as we get closer to October. 


CONFERENCES:  Mid-trimester conferences will be held at the end of October.  If you should ever have concerns throughout the year and wish to speak with us, please e-mail us and we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.


LATENESS/ABSENCES:  If you are late, please bring your child to the office to obtain a late pass. Due to security reasons, please do not accompany your child to the classroom.  If your child is absent, please send a note to school when he/she returns stating the reason for the absence. Also, don’t forget to call Child Check!                                                                 

We look forward to working with you and your child. Together we can create a learning experience that is both enriching and fun!  Thank you.


            Mrs. Lori Dolan                      Mrs. Maureen Phillips












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