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Tues., June 2

REL:  Study Yr End SS - test tomorrow

How to's:  Emmett, Andrew

Barnes & Noble tomorrow night

June Newsletter on line







Wed., May 27

REL:  Study: Yr End Review SS

SPLG:  Study – test tomorrow

MATH:  Math Packet pages AG17, 18         

How Tos:  Meghan, Danielle


Tues., May 26

Rel:  Yr End SS: read #30-36

Splg:  Yr End SS (test Thurs)

Math:  Review Sheet #5

How-to:  Emma & Thomas





Thurs., May 21

REL:  Yr End SS #17-29


SPLG:  Yr End SS: 21 – 30

MATH:  Review Sheet #4

No Family Envelopes



Wed., May 20

Rel:  Yr End SS:  #1-16


Splg:  Review Splg SS #1-20

Math:  Packet #31-39


Tues., May 19

Rel:  Yr End SS #13-16 (3 ? cards)


Splg:  Yr End SS #11-20

Math:  #21-30 on Beginning Yr Test packet

How-To:  Nick


Mon., May 18

Rel:  Yr End SS #1 – 12 and ? cards


Splg:  Yr End SS #1-10 

Math:  Review Sheet #3 (2 sides) 

Test folder











SPELLING (SUFFIXES: Y, ISH, MENT, HOOD):    rocky, foolish, rainy, childhood, selfish, treatment, movement neighborhood, childish, parenthood, crunchym, bumpy payment, sleepy, shipment

CHALLENGE:    assignment, livelihood, stylish, environment, guilty

VOCABULARY: cardboard, feast, fierce, flights, pitcher, ruined, stoops, treasure



Tuesday, May 12

REL—Review Last Supper notes- writing Thurs.

ENG – Ex In Eng p. 92

SPLG – RWNB p. 369 + challenge

MATH:  nothing

½ day Thurs., Yr End Asmt Schedule, Arts Festival tom night, 

Myles - How To



Monday, May 11

Rel:  Review Last Supper organizer

Eng:  RWNB p. 363

Splg:  RWNB p. 365

Math:  MPB p. 254

Test folders





SPELLING (ei, eigh):  ceiling, neighbor, either, eighteen, height, neither, weight, leisure, protein, freight, receive, weigh, deceive, sleigh, conceited

CHALLENGE:  receipt, eightieth, neighborly, deceitful, featherweight

VOCABULARY:  bakery, batch, boils, braided, dough, ingredients, mixture


Thurs., May 7

Rel:  Chpt. 23 SS 7-9

Eng: nothing

Splg:  nothing

Math:  MPB p. 251

Family Envelope; Fire Prevention Perm Slip





Wed., May 6

Rel:  Chpt. 23 SS #4-6

Eng:  RWNB 359

Splg:  RWNB p. 377 + challenge: test tom

Math:  MPB p. 243

Be prepared to write steps for How-To project


Tues., May 5

Rel:  Chpt. 23 SS #1-3


Splg:  RWNB p. 358 + challenge; test Thurs.

Math:  MPB p. 247 – Use Math CB

Props for continent PP


Mon., May 4

Rel:  Chpt. 23 SS #1-3

Eng:  RWNB p. 352

Splg:  RWNB p. 354

Math:  MPB p. 246

Family Times, Test folders, May Bulletin (email/website), discuss "How To" paragraph





Spelling: (au, augh, ou, ough):  because, though, taught, bought, touch,would, author, could, enough, sausage, fought, should, faucet, daughter, brought

Challenge: laundry, distraught, afterthought, auditorium, overwrought

Vocabulary:  airport, cellar, curious, delicious, described, farewell, homesick, memories, raindrops


Thurs., April 30

Rel:  Chpt. 23 SS #4, 5; fill in #6 (2+ ways)

Eng: RWNB p. 348

Splg:  Study-test tom

Math:  MPB p. 245 (use Math CB)

Family Envelope


Wed., April 29

Rel:  Chpt. 22 SS #1-3

Eng: RWNB p. 342

Splg:  HO + challenge: test Fri.

Math:  MPB p. 243 (Math CB)




Rel:  Read pgs 250 & fill in SS #2, 3

Eng:  Ex in Eng pgs 81, 82(D)

Splg:  RWNB p. 336 + challenge

MATH:  MPB p. 231, 232

Oral Readers:  Emma, Frankie



REL:  Chpt 22 SS #

ENG:  RWNB p. 341

SPLG:  RWNB p. 343

MATH:  MPB p. 239

Test folders, 

Oral Readers:  Declan, Meghan







SPELLING: (homophones):  to, too, two, week, weak, road, rode, stair, stare, bear, bare, write, right, new, knew

CHALLENGE:  their, there, they're, weather, whether

VOCABULARY:   bouquet, circus, difficult, nibbling, pier, soars, swallow


Thurs., April 23

Rel:        nothing

Eng:      RWNB p. 337

Splg:    Study-words in context

Math:  MPB p. 232

Family Envelope


Wed., April 22

REL:  nothing

ENG:  Ex in Eng p. 74

SPLG: RWNB p. 373 (Test changed to Friday)


Pictures of continents


Tues., April 21

Rel:  Study Chpt. 10 SS; HO; test tomorrow

Eng:  RWNB p. 331

Splg:  RWNB p. 336 + challenge – test Thurs.

Math:  MPB p. 229

OralRdrs:  Brady, Andrew


Monday., April 20

REL:  Chpt. 10 SS #8, 9 (Test Wednesday)

ENG:  RWNB p. 330

SPLG:  RWNB p. 332

MATH:  MPB P. 228

Family Times, Test folders, 1/2 poster board by Wed.

Oral Reader: Myles






Spelling: (CV/VC) Pattern:  created, medium, piano, idea, radio, video, studio, violin, duo, patio, rodeo, pioneer, trio, stadium, audio

Challenge:  audience, radiate, cereal, Creole, recreation

Vocabulary:  cotton, festival, graceful, handkerchief, paces, pale, rhythm, snug


Thurs., April 16 

REL:  Chpt. 10 SS #7 (know 2); Write Prayer of Thanksgiving

Eng:  RWNB p. 320


Math:  HO

Family Envelopes



Tues., April 14

Rel:  Chpt. 10 SS #1-4

Eng:  HO (articles)

Splg:  RWNB p. 325 + Challenge Words

Math:  MPB p. 221

Pizza Day

Oral Rdrs:  Emmett, Anna


Mon., April 13 

Rel:  Chpt. 10 SS #1-3

Eng:  RWNB p. 323 (vocab)

Splg:  RWNB p. 321 (TEST THURSDAY)


Math:  MPB p. 219

Test folders, Family Times

OR:  Nick



Week of March 30 through April 10


Spelling: (VCCCV):   monster, surprise, hundred, complete, control, sample, instant, inspect, pilgrim, contrast, explode, district, address, substance, children

Challenge:  merchant, embrace, purchase, curtsy, contract

Vocabulary: clutched, echoed, gully, reeds, scrambled, thatch, valley


Thurs., April 9

Rel:  Read SS: Ascension & Pentecost


Splg:  HO (pg 264 - only the crossword side)

Math:  MPB p. 217 (use rulers)

Family Envelope



Wed., April 8

Rel:  Read Lit. Event SS Easter 

Eng:  Vocab sent – include a preposition phrase


Math:  MPB p. 207

Oral Reading: Leo


Tuesday, April 7


Eng:  RWNB p. 301 (refer to p. 295)

Splg:  RWNB pg. 310 (no test this week)

Math:  HO – 2 sided

Recorders, Ch Lunch tom

Oral Readers:  Tyler, Danielle


Tuesday, March 31

Rel:  Study Holy Wk SS – Triduum #C

Eng:  RWNB p. 295

Splg:  RWNB p. 300 + challenge words

Math:  Complete bunny paper

Lenten eggs due tomorrow



Monday, March 30

Rel: Study Holy Week SS Triduum A,B

Eng:  HO (Prepositions)

Splg:  RWNB p. 296

Math:  HO 2-sided; test on time only

Test folders, Family Times, Lenten eggs






Wed., March 25

REL:  Study Chpt 9 SS & handouts; test tomorrow. Complete HO p. 116 if necessary



Don't forget to keep up with the Lenten Eggs


Tues., March 24

Rel:  HO & study Chpt. 9 #8, 9 – test Thurs.

Eng: RWNB p. 

Splg: RWNB p. 

Math:  MPB pg. 205

Scholastic orders due by midnight



Mon., March 23 

Rel:  Chpt 9 SS #5-7: Test Thurs. 




Test Folders, April Reading schedule, GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP & PENCILS






March 12 - 19


SPELLING: (SUFFIXES):  dentist, editor, artist, hostess, actress, swimmer, seller, tutor, tourist, organist, lioness, shipper, chemist, investor, conductor

CHALLENGE:  announcer, pharmacist, journalist, commuter, pianist

VOCABULARY:  celebrate, continued, current, drowned, medals, stirred, stroke



Wed., March 18

Rel:  Chpt. 9 SS #4

Eng:  RWNB p. 290

Splg:  Study—test tomorrow

Math:  Math Book pg. 409-410

St. Joseph Day Prayer Svc: 1:30pm



Tues., March 17

REL:  Chpt. 9 Review 1-3

ENG:  Map HO


MATH:  MPB p. 201

Recorders, Pizza Day tom



Monday, March 16

REL:  Chpt. 9 #1-3

ENG:  RWNB p. 284

SPLG:  RWNB p. 289 + challenge

MATH:  MPB p. 199

Test folders, Family Surveys 



Week of 3/2


SPELLING:  (prefixes):  prepaid, midnight, overflow, outdoors, outline, overgrown, prefix, Midwest, pretest, midpoint, outgoing, overdue, outside, outfield

CHALLENGE:  precaution, prediction, midsection, overweight, prehistoric

VOCABULARY:   attic, board, chores, customer, labeled, spare, stamps


Wednesday, March 11

Rel:  Study Chpt. 8 – test tomorrow

Eng:  RWNB p. 283

Splg:  Practice speech

Math:  MPB p. 193

Birthday slips



Monday, March 9

Rel:  Chpt. 8 #6a, b – Test Thurs.

Eng:  RWNB p. 307

Splg:  Study – test tomorrow

Math:  MPB p. 185

Family Envelope


Tuesday, March 10

REL:  Chpt. 8 #6 c, d (test Thursday)

ENG:  Write/practice biography cards


MATH:  HO--Math Book pg. 381






Week of 2/18 through 25:


Spelling:  r-controlled:  third, early, world, certain, dirty, herself, earth, word, perfect, verb, nerve, worm, thirsty, workout, earn

Challenge:    determine, commercial, whirlwind, worthwhile, virtual

Vocabulary average, depth, deserts, erupted, outrun, peak, tides, waterfalls





Week of Feb. 9:


Spelling:  (f/v & irregular ending plurals):  wolves, knives, feet, men, children, women, sheep, heroes, scarves,k mice, geese, wives, elves, banjos, halves

Challenge:  loaves, beliefs, tomatoes, potatoes, tornadoes

Vocabulary:  basketball, guard, study, disease, popular, terrible, freeze, sports


Thurs., Feb. 12

Rel:  Lent SS #1a & HO (Rel CB)

Eng:  HO

Splg:  nothing

Math:  MPB pgs. 171, 172

Family Envelopes, Scholastic orders due, Tag Day tom-$1


Wed., Feb. 11

Rel:  nothing

Eng:  HO 2-sides (Ben Franklin)

Splg:  Study – test tom

Math:  MPB p. 169


Tues., Feb. 10

Rel:  Study – test tom

Eng:  RWNB p. 251

Splg:  HO – test Thurs.

Math:  MPB p. 167

Recorders, registration forms


Rel:  Study – test tom

Eng:  RWNB p. 251

Splg:  HO – test Thurs.

Math:  MPB p. 167



Mon., Feb. 9

Rel:  Chpt. 4 SS #7 (test Wed.)

Eng:  RWNB p. 250 (vocab)

Splg:  RWNB p. 252

Math:  MPB p. 166

Test folders, Family Times (forgot to hand out), Registration forms,

Scholastic Orders due 2/13; Valentine boxes




Week of Feb. 2: 

Spelling:  thumb, gnaw, written, know, climb, design, wrist, crumb, assign, wrench, know, wrinkle, lamb, knob, knit

Challenge:  wrestler, bologna, cologne, honeycomb, knickknack

Vocabulary:  incredible, lofty, noble, search, stinging, survivors, topic, unseen, waterless


Thurs., Feb. 5

Rel:  Chpt. 4 SS #3-6 – test Wed.

Eng:  Sentences for vocab

Splg:  Study- test tom; EC-RWNB p. 241

Math:  MPB p. 164

Fam Envelope, Reg. forms


Wed., Feb. 4

Rel:  nothing

Eng:  RWNB p. 224

Splg:  HO

Math:  MPB p. 162

“Spoons” paper- talk about Mrs. Jones’ class, registration forms


Tues., Feb. 3

Rel:  Lazarus project due tomorrow

Eng:  RWNB p. 226 

Splg:  RWNB pl. 222 + challenge words

Math:  MPB p. 616

Registration forms, pizza tomorrow, fish sticks Fri., Recorders


Mon., Feb. 2

Rel:  Lazarus project; Chpt. 4 #1, 2

Eng:  RWNB p. 225

Splg:  RWNB p. 227

Math:  MPB p. 159

Test folders, Family Times, Scholastic coupon,

Registration forms, Feb. Bulletin




Week of Jan. 19 & 26:  


Spelling (suffixes): beautiful, safely, kindness, finally, spotless, worthless, illness, helpful, daily, suddenly, wireless, quietly, fairness, cheerful, painful

Challenge:  anxiously, thoughtfully, cautiously, tardiness, breathless

Vocabulary:  anxiously, channel, supplies, bay, chipped, surrounded, blizzards, melody, symphony


Wed., Jan. 28

Rel:  See Lazarus project HO – due 2/4

Eng:  HO

Splg:  nothing

Math:  MPB p. 147 (MDAS)

Movie Candy

Free Tag Day-blue/gold, can of soup on Fri.

Oral Rdrs: Andrew, Lucy


Tues., Jan. 27

Rel:  Chpt. 3 SS #1, 7-9

Eng:  HO-  2-sided

Splg:  nothing

Math:  MPB p. 146

Recorders, Bring drink for lunch (may not have milk tomorrow)

Oral Rds:  Declan, Myles


Mon., Jan. 26

Rel:  compare/contrast paragraph (see email); they may include home and/or school likes/differences

          Chpt 3 SS #7-9

Eng:  RWNB p. 215

Splg:  HO

Math:  HO

Family times, Test folder, Re-Registration Form

Oral REaders on Wed., Declan, Myles


Thurs., Jan. 22

Rel:  Chpt. 3 SS #7, 8

Eng:  Correct Red Planet paper

Splg:  RWNB p. 211 + challenge words

Math:  MPB p. 127

Family Envelope, See email 


Wed., Jan. 21 

Rel:  Chpt. 3 SS #3-6

Eng:  HO (answers must be in complete sentences)

Splg:  RWNB p. 216

Math:  nothing

Scholastic forms due Thurs. night


Tues., Jan. 20

Rel:  Chpt. 3 SS #1, 2

Eng:  Ex in English pg. 59

Splg:  RWNB p. 237

Math:  Write a word problem in Math CB for the equation:  24 divided by 6 = ?, then solve

Test folders, Scholastic orders by Thurs. night

Oral Readers:  Gia, Carter 




Week of Jan. 12 

Spelling Words: (/j/, /s/, /k/ spellings):  clock, large, page, mark, kitten, judge, crack, edge, pocket, brake, change, ridge, jacket, badge, orange

Challenge Words:  ceiling, advantage, pledge, Kentucky, pencil

Vocabulary: dim, gas, gigantic, ladle, patterns, shine, temperature


Thurs., Jan. 15

Rel:  Do a kind act for family member

Eng: RWNB p. 204

Splg:  Study-test tom

Math:  MPB p. 117

Family envelope,

Oral Rdrs:  Meghan, Brady


Wed., Jan. 14

Rel:  nothing

Eng:  Vocab Sentences

Splg:  HO

Math:  MPB p. 116

Registration forms


Tues., Jan. 13

Rel:  HO-pg 40; study-test tom

Eng:  nothings

Splg: RWNB p. 209 + challenge

Math:  HO

Registration forms

Oral Rdrs:  Danielle, Leo


Mon., Jan. 12

REL:  Chpt. 2 SS #5-7 - Test Wed.

ENG:  RWNB p. 203

SPLG:  RWNB p. 205

MATH: MPB p. 113

Test folders, Family Times, Registration Forms

Oral Reader:  Nicholas





Spelling Words:  unhappy, recall, disappear, unload, mistake, misspell, dislike, replace, mislead, disagree, rewrite, unroll, unknown, dishonest, react

Challenge Words:  unfortunate, discourage, uncomfortable, recycle, mispronounce

Vocabulary:  antlers, imagined, languages, narrator, overhead, poked


Thurs., Jan. 8, 2015

Rel:  Chpt. 2 SS #4 – Test Wed

Eng:  HO

Splg: nothing

Math:  MPB p. 111

Family Envelopes

Oral Rdrs:  Thomas, Emmett


Wed., Jan. 7, 2015 

Rel:  Chpt. 2 SS #2, 3

Eng:  HO

Splg: nothing

Math:  MPB p. 109

Friday's Oral Rdrs:  Thomas, Emmett


Tues., Jan. 6, 2015 

Rel:  Chpt. 2 #1 a, b

Eng:  RWNB p. 236

Splg:  nothing

Math:  Complete MPB p. 107

Play costumes (Thurs.)

Oral Readers:  Emma, Tyler




Mon., Jan. 5, 2015

REL: ENG:  RWNB p. 199

SPLG:  RWNB p. 235

MATH:  MPB p. 105 (complete)

See email 





Spelling Words:  unhappy, recall, disappear, unload, mistake, misspell, dislike, replace, mislead, disagree, rewrite, unroll, unknown, dishonest, react

Challenge Words:  unfortunate, discourage, uncomfortable, recycle, mispronounce

Vocabulary:  antlers, imagined, languages, narrator, overhead, poked



Mon., Dec. 22



Thurs.,Dec. 18

Rel:  Study Chpt. 1 – test tom

Eng:  Vocab sentences-use 1 helping verb

Splg:  Study – test tom

Math:  HO

Family Envelopes


Wed., Dec. 17

Rel:  Chpt. 1 SS: #9, 10 (test Fri.)

Eng:  RWNB p. 193

Splg:  HO

Math: MPB p. 101


Tues., Dec. 16

Rel:  Chpt. 1 SS #6-8 (test Friday)

Eng:  RWNB p. 192

Splg:  RWNB p. 189 + challenge

Math:  MPB p. 99


Mon., Dec. 15

Rel:  Chpt. 1 SS #4, 5 (Test Fri.)

Eng:  RWNB p. 198

Splg:  RWNB p. 194 (test Fri.)

Math:  MPB p. 97 (done in school)

Test folders, Family Times, Milk orders due tom.,

Cookie Exchange Fri. (6-12 cookies)






Spelling Words: (contractions):  let's, he'd, you'll, can't, I'd, won't, haven't, hasn't, she'd, they'll, when's, we'd, should've, wasn't, didn't

Challenge Words:  they'd would've, could've, needn't, you've

Vocabulary:  area, artificial, grapevine, preservation, proof, raise, raisin


Thurs., Dec. 11

REL:   Chpt. 1 SS - #1-3

ENG:  RWNB p. 188

SPLG:  Study

Math:  HO

Family Envelope


Wed., Dec. 10

REL:  Do one good deed; write in Rel. CB

ENG:  RWNB p. 182


MATH:  MPB p. 93


Tuesday, Dec. 9

Rel:  Liturgical SS – Christmas

Eng:  RWNB p. 181

Splg:  RWNB p. 183

Math:  MPB p. 91

Family Times, Test folder, Report cards





Spelling Words: (consonant digraphs):   father, chapter, other, alphabet, watch, English, weather, catch, fashion, shrink, pitcher, flash, athlete, trophy, nephew

Challenge Words: northern, establish, emphasis, hyphen, challenge

Vocabulary Words:  bill, goo, hunters, material, platform, tons, twigs



Thurs., Dec. 4

Rel:  One good deed; write in Rel CB (same page)

Eng:  HO

Splg:  Study-test tom

Math:  HO

No Family envelope


Tues., Dec. 2

Rel:  Do one good deed tonight-write in Rel CB

Eng:  complete HO

Splg:  RWNB p. 172 + challenge words

Math:  MPB p. 83


Mon., Dec. 1

Rel:  Liturgical SS – Advent wreath

Eng:  RWNB p. 156

Splg:  RWNB p. 162 + challenge

Math:  HO

Test folders, Family Times


Mon., Nov. 24

Rel:  Liturgical SS:  Advent a & b

Eng:  RWNB p. 152

Splg:  RWNB p. 158

Math:  HO

Test folder




Spelling Words:  splash, strike, strength, throw, street, squeak, three, split, throne, square, splurge, scratch, scream, thrill, squeeze

Challenge Words:  squid, squander, arthritis, instrument, strategy

Vocabulary Words:   


Thurs., Nov. 20


Eng: HO – 2 sides

Splg: Study-test tom

Math:  HO – practice multiples of 3

Family Envelope 


Wed., Nov. 19

Rel:  Liturgical SS #2

Eng:  Ex in Eng p. 20

Splg:  HO

Math: MPB p. 75

Oral Rdrs:  Myles, Gia

 Mon. is a tag day/can good day


Tues., Nov. 18


Eng:  RWNB p. 146

Splg:  RWNB p. 151 + challenge

Math:  complete HO

Oral Rdrs:  Brady, Frankie


Mon., Nov. 17

Rel:  Liturgical SS #1

Eng:  RWNB p. 145

Splg:  RWNB p. 147

Math:  HO

Test folders, Family Times



****************************************************************************************WwEEK OF NOVEMBER 10

Spelling Words:  (compound words):  sunglasses, football, homework, haircut, popcorn, railroad, snowstorm, earring, scarecrow, blueberry, butterflies, lawnmower, campground, sandbox, toothbrush

ChallengeWords:   thumbtack, earthquake, scrapbook, courthouse, whirlpool

Vocabulary Words: butterflies, collection, enormous, scattered, shoelaces, strain


Thurs., Nov. 13


Eng:  RWNB p. 141

Splg:  Study-test tomorrow

Math:  HO – 2 sided

Family Envelope


Wed., Nov. 12

Rel:  nothing

Eng:  Write vocab sentences

Splg:  HO

Math:  HO

Oral Rdrs:  Danielle, Andrew


Tues., Nov. 11

Rel:  Chpt. 19 #6

Eng:  Ex in Eng p. 19

Splg:  RWNB p. 131 + challenge words

Math:  MPB p. 71

Oral Rdrs:  Lucy, Emma


Mon., Nov. 10

Rel:  Chpt. 19 #5

Eng:  RWNB p. 134

Splg:  RWNB p. 136

Math:  HO (?)

Test folder, Family Times

Oral Rdr:  Nicholas




Spelling Words: handle, trouble, simple, people, middle, table, little, gentle, poodle, pickle, noodle, saddle, juggle, uncle, riddle

Challenge Words:  example, throttle, obstacle, miracle, muscle

Vocabulary Words:  adorable, compassionate, exactly, iguana, mature, mention, trophies


Thurs., Nov. 6

REL:  Chpt. 19 review #1-4

Eng: RWNB p. 130

Splg:  Study- test tom

Math:  MPB p. 69

Family envelope; Oral Readers:  Thomas, Tyler




Wed., Nov. 5


Rel:  Chpt. 19 #3, 4

Eng: Write vocab sentences

Splg:  HO (both sides)

Math:  Write word problem in Math CB (example of one was done today--they do need to include a picture)


Tues., Nov. 4 

Rel:  Chpt. 19 #1, 2

Eng:  HO – both sides

Splg:  RWNB p. 120 + challenge words

Math:  MPB p. 67

Oral Readers:  Emmett, Meghan


Mon., Nov. 3

Rel:  Chpt. 19 #1

Eng:  RWNB p. 123

Splg:  RWNB p. 125

Math:  HO

Test folder, Family Times, Nov. Bulletin on-line



Tues., Oct. 28

Rel:  nothing

Eng:  finish paragraph if necessary

Splg:  nothing

Math:  MPB p. 63, 64 


Monday, Oct, 27

Rel: Test tom – Chpt. 18

Eng:     HO

Splg:    nothing

Math:  MPB p.61

Test folders, Nov. Oral Reading Schedule  






Spelling Words: finish, pilot, even, wagon, music, silent, rapid, female, lemon, pupil, focus, robot, tulip, camel, salad

Challenge Words:  resident, spinach, climate, tradition, innocent

Vocab Words:  cuddles, flippers, frozen, hatch, pecks, preen, snuggles


Thurs., Oct. 23

REL:  Chpt 18 #1-9 review-Test Wed.

ENG:  RWNB p. 119

SPLG:  Study-test tom.

MATH:  MPB p. 55

Family Envelope; Conf. schedule,

Oral Rdr:  Declan


Wed., Oct. 22 

REL:  Chpt. 18 #6-9 - Test Wed.

ENG:  HO p. 76

SPLG: RWNB p. 164

MATH:  MPB p. 53

Oral Readers: Emmett, Thomas


Tues., Oct. 21

REL:  Chpt 18 #4, 5

ENG:  Write vocab sentences

SPLG:   RWNB p. 118 + challenge words

MATH:  MPB p. 51

Oral Readers:  Frankie, Myles 



Mon., Oct. 20

Rel:   Chpt. 18 #1-3

Eng:  RWNB p. 112

Splg:  RWNB p. 114

Math:  MPB p. 49

Test folder, Family Note, Saint picture if necessary







Thurs., Oct. 16 

Rel:  Discuss saint with parents

Eng:  Ex in English pgs. 13 & 14 (A-D)

Splg:  nothing

Math:  nothing

Family Envelope, Tag Day (PA team)


Wed., Oct. 15

Rel:  Study mass responses - front of Rel CB

Eng:  HO


Math:  MPB pgs. 45, 46 – Test tom

Oral Rdrs:  Danielle, Tyler


Tues., Oct. 14

Rel:  nothing

Eng:  HO 2-sided (read directions)

Splg:  RWNB 103

Math:  MPB p. 43 - Test Thurs.

Test Folders, Crystal Cave pictures on website

Oral Rdrs--Lucy, Andrew




Spelling Words (diphthongs): proud, shower, hour, amount, voyage, choice, avoid, thousand, prowl, employ, bounce, poison, annoy, appoint, broil

Challenge Words: however, mountain, coward, turmoil, chowder

Vocabulary Words:  arranged, bundles, dangerously, errands, excitedly, steady, unwrapped, wobbled


Thurs., Oct. 9

Rel:  nothing

Eng:  HO pg. 50

Splg:  nothing

Math:  MPB p. 41

Family Envelopes, gym uniforms, leaving @ 8:30 am


Wed., Oct. 8 

Rel:  Study-Chpt. 17 SS – test tom

Eng:  Write voc sentences

Splg:  Study- test tom

Oral Readers: Meghan, Leo


Tues., Oct. 7 

Rel:  Chpt. 17 #4 – Test Thurs.

Eng:  RWNB p. 88

Splg:  HO – Test Thurs.

Math:  MPB p. 37

Oral Rdrs:  Emma, Gia


Monday, Oct. 6 

REL:  Chpt. 17 SS #3  3c, d:  Test Thurs. 

ENG:  RWNB p. 87

SPLG:  RWNB p. 89 - Test Thurs.

MATH: nothing

Test folders, Family Note, Field trip $ & Perm. form due tom., Spanish project due tom., Stationery $9

Oral Reader:  Nicholas





Week of Sept. 29

Spelling Words (long vowel sounds):  clean, agree, teeth, dream, grain, coach, display, window, shadow, cheese, peach, braid, Sunday, float, thrown

Challenge Words:  entertain, complain, bleachers, willow, wheat

Vocabulary Words:  laundry, section, shelves, spoiled, store, thousands, traded, variety


Thurs., Oct. 2

Rel:  Chpt. 17 SS #2 (highlighted)

Eng:  nothing

Splg:  Study-test tom

Math:  MPB p. 33

Family Envelope, field trip $ due Oct. 7


Wed., Oct. 1


Rel:  Chpt. 17 SS #1

Eng:  RWNB p. 83

Splg:  HO

Math:  MPB p. 31

Oct. Newsletter online; Spanish project due next week, Carter & Brady—oral reading tomorrow



Tues., Sept. 30

Rel:  nothing

Eng:  RWNB p. 81

Splg:  RWNB p. 82 + challenge words

Math: nothing

Winter uniforms extended to 10/6


Mon., Sept. 29

Rel:  Study--Chpt. 16 test tom

Eng:  RWNB p. 76

Splg:  RWNB p. 78

Math:  HO & review HOs in Take Home folder--test tom.

Test folders, Family Times note, winter uniforms start Wed.

Carter & Brady--oral reading Thursday




Week of Sept. 22

Spelling Words (adding suffixes):  using, getting, easiest, swimming, heavier, greatest, pleased, emptied, leaving, worried, strangest, freezing, funniest, angrier, shopped;   

Challenge Words: included, occurred, supplying, scarier, happiest

Vocabulary Words:  gear, parka, splendid, twitch, willow, yanked


Thurs., Sept. 25


Rel:  Chpt 16 SS #9, 10 – Test Tues.

Eng:  RWNB p. 100

Splg:  Study – test tom.

Math:  MPB p. 26 – Test Tues. on Chpt. 1

Family Envelope



Wed., Sept. 24

Rel:  Chpt 16 SS #1-8:  Test Tues.

Eng:  RWNB p. 72

Splg:  HO

Math:  Write a subtraction word problem in Math CB (use two 3-digit numbers in the problem)

Scholastic orders due by 9/25 midnight


Tues., Sept. 23

Rel:  Chpt. 16 #5-7

Eng:  RWNB p. 63

Splg:  RWNB p. 71

Math:  MPB p. 21

Pizza Day tom.


Mon., Sept. 22

REL:  Chpt. 16 SS #1-4

ENG:  RWNB p. 65 (vocab)

SPLG: RWNB p. 67

MATH:  MPB p., 17

Test Folders; Lunch order due tom; Pizza Day Wednesday

Family Times note 



Week of Sept. 15:

Spelling Words:   pennies, inches, plants, families, bodies, glasses, wishes, pockets, lists, copies, parties, bunches, crashes, supplies, pencils

Challenge Words:   accidents, libraries, mysteries, carpenters, merchants

Vocabulary Words:  carpenter, carpetmaker, knowledge, marketplace, merchant, plenty, straying, thread


Thurs., Sept. 18



Splg:  Study – test tomorrow 


Family envelopes, Back to School Night @ 7:00



Wed., Sept. 17

Rel:  nothing

Eng:  Review vocab words

Splg:  RWNB p. 97 + challenge words

Math:  MPB p. 13

Back to School Night tom., CC chaperone forms due Fri.


Tues., Sept. 16

Rel:  Chpt. 15 SS-study-test tom

Eng:  RWNB p. 55

Splg:  HO – test Friday

Math:  MPB p. 11

Family Times


Monday, Sept. 15

Rel:  Chpt. 15 SS #5a,b – Test Wed.

Eng:  RWNB p. 54

Splg:  RWNB p. 56

Math:  MPB p. 7

Back to School Night Thurs.



Welcome back!  Homework for Mom and Dad will be coming on Thursday, Sept. 4th.  If you are reading this, take a few moments and read the "HOME" and "CLASSROOM INFORMATION" tabs.  


Thursday, Sept. 11


Rel:  Chpt. 15 SS #4 a-c:  Test Wed.


Eng:  RWNB p. 96


Splg:  Study spelling & challenge words


Math:  HO


Family Env., Me in Bags


Wednesday, Sept. 10  (Sorry--I forgot to post)

Rel:  Chpt. 15 SS #3 a-c

Eng: RWNB p. 44

Splg:  RWNB p. 95

Math:  HO

Family Time, Cub Scout Mtg



Tuesday, Sept. 9

Rel:  Review Chpt 15 SS #1,2

Eng:  RWNB p. 43

Splg:  Handout

Math:  Handout (we started in school during Math time)

Confessions tom., Cub Scout note


Monday, Sept. 8

REL: Chpt. 15 Study Sheet (SS) #1, 2  (study sheet is stapled in Religion copybook)

ENG:  nothing tonight

SPLG:  RWNB p. 49 + challenge words

MATH:  Math Practice Book (MPB) p. 3

cover books/copybooks



Thursday, Sept. 4 - FOR MOM & DAD : 

Read Sept. Bulletin in Take Home folder

Me In A Bag project – due next Friday

E-mail info sheet: Complete and return the information 1/2 sheet with your e-mail located in your child's Take-Home Folder

STJP Challenge paper

Milk and pretzel orders due tomorrow


Cover books



Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful year with you and your child!




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