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 rm301_1class information

 Special Features of Room 301




Daily Journal


  • Students will begin the day with a daily journal entry. Afterwards, they will read a book until the day begins.



Teacher Read-A-Loud


  • After lunch recess and or at dismissal, the teacher will read-a-loud for about 10-15 minutes.


Dismissal Routine


Each day at dismissal will bring a different aspect. After the students finish copying homework, these events will follow.

  • Monday: Read-a-loud
  • Tuesday: Read-a-loud
  • Wednesday: Trivia Time
  • Thursday: Radio Show Prep
  • Friday: Room 301 Radio Show

Birthdays are celebrated on Friday's, regardless if the student's birthday is on another day. The class will sing to the student at the end of The Room 301 Show.

Room 301 Radio Show



The NL East teams will take turns running the weekly radio show. How the show will work is that as the teacher I will host the show and allow the students to talk about their topic. The topics and roles include:

  • Student #1: ELA and Social Studies
  • Student #2: Mrs. Pritz's class (Science, Religion, Math)
  • Student #3: Specials
  • Student #4: St. Joe The Protector events
  • Student #5 (if a group has 5): World Events/sports predictions
  • There will also be 2 guests from the class. They will be drawn from popsicle sticks.

When the show is over, I will upload and put a link to it. I will try to have it up by later on Friday.

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