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 rm303_1 Class Information
                      Welcome to Ms. Pio's Class




Parents can contact me through email, a note, or by phoning the school.  Please remember that an absent note is required when your child returns to school.



Homework Policy

  • Homework is posted on the board and the website daily.
  • Studying and reviewing material covered in class is essential for success.
  • Homework represents 10% of each student's grade.
  • Every child begins each trimester with 100 points for homework.  Five points are deducted for each missed assignment.
  • All work submitted must be neat and legible in order to receive credit. Work  submitted for a grade must be typed or done in cursive.
  • Missed homework assignments will be made up the following day for homework.


Testing Policy

  • At least 3 days notice will be given for all tests.  At least 2 days notice will be given for quizzes.
  • Vocabulary and Spelling will be tested on alternate Fridays.
  • All graded assignments will be posted on MyStudentsProgress website. If you need to see a specific test or assignment, please contact me.
  • Directions and rubrics will be distributed for all activities, projects, and writing assignments.  Be sure to have your child review these so that he/she may attain the highest grade possible.



  • ELA will no longer be one grade on the report card but will be broken down according to Reading. Writing, and Communication.  
           The following weighted criteria will be used to achieve each trimester grade.

               Reading:                   100%       (All work is considered a test)

               Writing:                    100%       (Writing assignments - 40%, Grammar and Vocabulary tests - 30%,                                                                                                                             Spelling, Journals, and Homework - 10% each)

               Communication           100%       (Speaking - 50%, Listening - 50%)




  • Religion will be broken down according to the following criteria:

              Tests:                             40%

              Quizzes                           25%

              Projects/activities             25%

              Homework                       10%



Miscellaneous Notes

  • Students must have the required supplies both in school and at home in order to work efficiently and successfully.
  • Allow your child to take the responsibility for his/her work.  Consequences for missed assignments will help your child to become aware of the need for more disciplined study habits.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  Plagiarized assignments will receive a grade of 0.

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