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     * Assignments - posted on the board and listed on the website daily


     * Both study and written homework will be given


     * Points will be deducted from student's Organizational Score if incomplete or missing


     * It is the responsibility of an absent student to see me regarding missed homework


      * Projects are assigned at least 1 week before their due date. 5 points will be deducted for each day a project is turned in after the due date.







     * Based on test scores, quizzes, homework, organization and projects


     * Organization Grade - each student begins the year with 100 points for each subject area


     * If a student misses homework or fails to come prepared for class, 5 points are deducted from the


     organizational category


     * No Name on any assignment - 5 points


     * Plagiarism - any project that has been plagiarized will receive a grade of a zero.


     * 5 points will be deducted from any assignment not following 6th grade standards



Home and School Communication


     * Tests need to be signed and returned to me within 2 days


     * Parents can contact me through email ltursi@stjpschool.info , a note, or phoning the school


     * Grades are available on-line


6th Grade Standards - Written assignment turned in for grade in Science or ELA

     * Work written in Blue or Black Ink


     * Work done in cursive writing


     * Every sentence has at least 5 words


     * Every paragraph has at least 7 sentences



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