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To stay healthy, kids need P.E.  As well as being a stress reliever, gym class provides a chance for physical activity in the form of exercises, games and cooperative activities.  We always start gym class with prayers  that the 4th to 8th graders have composed and then the student leaders (two different ones every week) lead the warm-up activities.   



To determine the level of aerobic activity they are maintaining, the students periodically take their pulse to see if they are in their "target heart rate zone".  The goal is to stay in the "zone" for most of the class.



Regular participation in Physical Activity will:

-prepare students with skills for future physical fitness (team and individual sports and other alternative activities) into adulthood - Fitness for Life

-increase overall wellness

-help keep weight in a healthy range

-reduce risk of certain diseases (especially cardiac and coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even depression)

-reduce stress

-give and outlet for excess energy

-help students focus on "brain work"




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