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                                          P.E Class and Grading Rubric


               Welcome to Physical Education at St. Joseph the Protector school with Mrs. Santarelli


                                                       Why P.E.?

The goal of Physical Education  is to give children an opportunity to move.  Physical activity is an important part

 of a child's day and the current recommendation is 60 minutes of exercise most days of the week.

 The goal of Gym class is to try to foster a love for physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.  This healthy lifestyle should also include eating well and sleeping enough hours each night.

Along with weekly PE classes and outdoor recesses, kids shoud be encouraged to be active at home as well.  Playing outside, running, walking, bike riding, skateboarding, skating, playing sports and so on all contribute to a very healthy lifestyle.



Participates in PE Fitness Activities
Consistently puts forth effort. Always takes care of equipment.
Usually puts forth effort. Usually takes care of equipment.
Occasionally puts forth effort. Occasionally takes care of equipment.
Rarely puts forth effort. Seldom takes care of equipment.
Listens and Follows Directions
Consistently listens and follows directions.
Usually listens and follows directions.
Occasionally listens and follows directions.
Rarely listens and follows directions.
Demonstrates Good Sportsmanship
Always demonstrates good sportsmanship.
Usually demonstrates good sportsmanship.
Occasionally demonstrates good sportsmanship.
Rarely demonstrates good sportsmanship.
Cooperates in Team/Game Situations
Always includes others in the game/activity. Always takes turns willingly.
Usually includes others in the game/activity. Usually takes turns willingly.
Occasionally includes others in the game/activity. Occasionally takes turns willingly.
Rarely includes others in the game/activity. Rarely takes turns.




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