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a la clase de español! 

Welcome to Spanish Class!


Hola! Me llamo Sra. Puccini. Hi! My name is Mrs. Puccini...

and I am excited to be teaching Spanish for grades K-12 again this year.

Grades 3rd-8th, our classroom is still Room 101 downstairs in the upper building.

For grades Knd - 2nd I will be coming to your classroom. 


I am looking forward to seeing you all and meeting some new faces.

Even though we will only be meeting 30 minutes per week,

you can be sure that we will be learning many great things and having lots of fun!


I am only in school on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Spanish, and Mondays for lunch duty...

If you have any questions before our next class, please email me! dpuccini@stjpschool.org.



Thank you,


Hasta luego! 

See you soon!








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