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 Parents Public Release Form

Pack 3553 Parents,


Starting this year, pack 3553 will be publishing a fully featured interactive web site.  The goals of this website include promotion of cub scouting, advertising for the pack, enhancement of the cub scouting experience, and streamlining of communication and organization.


Photos and videos supplied by you or taken by others at cub scouting events will be made available to the public, and may include images of you and or your children.  Personal information other than first and last name will not be made public.  Names will be associated with photos only where appropriate (awards, etc.)  Requests to remove specific images of you and/or your child will be honored.


Please print and fill out the form below to grant or deny pre-approval for public release of images/names on the Pack 3553 website and associated web services utilized.

(web services include but are not limited to KeepandShare.com, youtube, etc.)


Once completed, please submit your form to your den leader as soon as possible.


Thank you,

Pack 3553 webmaster


                                               PACK 3553, Ponca City OK. Public Release Form


(please check authorized or Not Authorized)


______  Pack 3553 is hereby AUTHORIZED to publish images and names of family members on internet related sites and publications.


______  Pack 3553 is hereby  NOT AUTHORIZED to publish images and names of family members on internet related sites and publications.


If public release is authorized, It is understood that only first and last names will be published and/or associated with photos/videos unless otherwise specifically authorized.  Verbal requests to remove specific images will be honored.  I/We understand that this general release is perpetual and can be revoked in writing at any time.




Name _____________________________________  Rel: ________





Name _____________________________________  Rel: ________





Parent/Legal Guardian first and last name                 Relation



__________________________________________ _____________





Signature: _________________________________ Date: ________




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