MT NA Skills Checklist vs MT NA Certification Exam Skills (with links covering the skills) 

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The purpose of the skill exam is to assess your performance during the demonstration of
five nurse aide skill tasks. You must score at least an 80% on each skill task without
missing any “key steps” in order to pass the skill exam. You will find a complete list of
skill tasks included in this handbook. Five (5) of these skill tasks will be randomly
selected for you to perform for your skill exam. The steps that are listed for each skill
task are the minimum number of steps required for a nurse aide to perform the task.
• Each of five scenarios corresponding to your five assigned skill tasks will be read to you.
• Listen carefully to all instructions given by the tester. You may have the scenario
repeated at any time during your skill test.
• Be sure you understand all instructions before you begin your skill test because you may
not ask questions after the skill test begins.
• If you make a mistake while performing a skill task during the first (35) minutes given to
complete the five (5) randomly selected nurse aide skill tasks, say so and then repeat the
step or steps you believe you demonstrated incorrectly.
• Once your skill exam begins, the tester may not answer questions.
• If you fail one or more skill tasks, you will be required to retest on five skill tasks, one of
which will be a skill task you failed plus hand washing and “three” new skill tasks.


MONTANA On-line Skill Exam Instructions
Introduce / re-introduce yourself and your Actor.
Sit side-by-side with the candidate and read these instructions out loud as the candidate follows along.
Must be read word-for-word for each and every candidate tested.

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I do not decide whether or not you pass or fail. I only observe and record the steps I see you
demonstrate. Headmaster staff in Helena, Montana, will score your test.

⇒ You will have up to 35 minutes to complete five tasks. I will let you know when 15 minutes remain.

⇒ Each of the five tasks has a scenario. I will read one scenario at a time to you. As soon as you
understand the scenario, please actually perform and demonstrate the task.

⇒ You will begin with the task of Hand Washing as your first task.

⇒ Unless the step requires verbalization, steps that are only verbalized will not count.

⇒ At any time during any skill, you may direct me to move anywhere needed to assist in providing
safety for the resident.

⇒ Anytime during the test, you may ask me to reread any scenario.

⇒ Anytime during the test, prior to the expiration of the 35 minutes allotted for your skills exam, you
may correct any step on any task that you believe you did incorrectly. To make a correction, you must
tell me the specific task and what steps you will be re-demonstrating.

⇒ When you finish a task, tell me you are finished with the task and return to this relaxation area.

I will now show you the location of the supplies and demonstrate the equipment you may use
while I answer any questions you may have about your other four tasks which will be:
__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

Your skill test time will start when you begin the Hand Washing skill.

Next: The RN observer shows the candidate the equipment location and demonstrates the use of just the equipment the candidate will need
for his/her five tasks.

 Always demonstrate where you want the candidate to knock when entering the room, show the bed brakes and bed controls, privacy curtain, call bell,
and any other things unique to the test site. Tell the candidate that they may use or move any equipment or supplies as necessary to accomplish the
tasks. Explain the timers you will be using during testing.

 Be sure the candidate signs the recording sheet on which you have already printed his/her name if it will be needed for one or more of the five tasks.

 Be sure you have instructed the candidate as to the location of the relaxation “waiting” area.

 Answer any remaining questions; remind the candidate that you may not answer any questions once the skill test begins.

 Begin the skill test by reading the Hand Washing skill word-for-word. Start your timer when the candidate makes his/her move to start the Hand Washing