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 High School Student Council




2012-2013 Student Council

President: Abby Wright
Vice President: Katie Boston
Secretary: Matt Hermes
Treasurer: Levi Steinacher

Seniors! Abby Wright, Katie Boston, Matt Hermes, Levi Steinacher, Scott Crim, Jordan Gill Seniors!
Juniors! Nick Tillery, Natalie Wallbaum, Jacob Lindgren, Brian Watson, Priscilla Sellers, Shelbe Olson
Sophomores! Mackenzie Nichols, Cheryl Wood, Kellie Bergschneider, Paul Morris, Tyler Rees
Freshmen! Brandi Wright, Hunter Steelman, Haley Holtzman, Hannah Little, Kacie Whalen, Jaclynn Jaggar


Look here for--> School Store Schedule Don't forget your week!


Class Colors:

 --Seniors: Green--  --Juniors: Hot Neon Pink--
--Sophmores: Purple-- --Freshmen: Light Blue--


Fund Raising Events:

Clubs Choice Sale


Student Council-sponsored Events planned so far for 2012-2013:

1) Chili Supper

2) Spirt Week, December 3-7th.

3) Homecoming Dance, December 8th.

4) Chicago, April or May

Student Council Meeting: November 29th, 2012


Attendance: Katie, Abby, Levi, Jacob, Nick, Natalie, Priscilla, Dylan, Shelbe, Brian, Jordan, Scott, Hannah, Brandi, Kellie, Jaclyn, Tyler.


Homecoming Dance

  • Scott and Katie read names at games and at the dance. Arrive at 7.
  • Supplies
    • Seniors: Two liters of 7 Up
    • Juniors: Hawaiian Punch
    • Sophomores: Cookies
    • Freshmen: Cookies
    • Practice for Court on Friday
    • Setup at 7:15am Saturday morning
    • Activities on Thursday and Friday, need help from Student Council.

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