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 Rm305_5 Other & Links



     * Assignments - posted on the board and listed on the website daily

     * Both study and written homework will be given

     * Points will be deducted from student's Organizational Score if incomplete or missing

     * It is the responsibility of an absent student to see me regarding missed homework



     * Based on test scores, quizzes, homework, organization and projects

     * Organization Grade - each student begins the year with 100 points for each subject area

     * If a student misses homework or fails to come prepared for class,

              5 points are deducted from the organizational category

     * No Name on any assignment - 5 points

     * Plagiarism - any project that has been plagiarized will receive a grade of a zero.


Home and School Communication

     * Tests need to be signed and returned to me within 2 days

     * Parents can contact me through email dmcgeer@stjpschool.info , a note, or phoning the school

     * Grades are available on-line @ My Student Progress (a new grading system)


Standardized Test

     * Terra Nova testing will take place in March 2015

     * Results to be sent home when available


Extra Help

     * I am available before school & at lunch time

     * Students have been encouraged to seek help before a problem arises



Here are some links that you may find helpful:



 Click on the interactive review - there is one for each chapter in our book



or you can click on the unit review for stump the shepard




Social Studies:





Europe & Russia








**** Check out the new link below:)





our textbook is online for the students.  Each child has received their own password and username.  The forms have been sent home.  You may access the math website at www.pearsonsuccessnet.com



Games-  http://www.softschools.com/math/games/














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