04 Niko

Update received November 2012: We are great and so is Niko (see attached pictures).  He is quite the clown and a favorite at the dog park.  We finally decided his recall was good enough to try out the dog park and he loves it.  He is quite the swimmer (lots of effort, but not graceful).  He also impresses everyone by his ability to fetch 3 balls at a time in his mouth, although 2 is more common.  He is still running with Tom and is taking 2 classes a week (obedience and agility), with another agility being added soon.  He loves going to school with his brother!

Update received October 2011: I just wanted to update you on how well Niko is doing with our family. He continues to be adored by his younger brother, Zander. They are both in a Foundations Agility class together after finishing up with level 2 obedience. They are constant playmates with a lot of chasing and wrestling. We got their DNA tests done because we were curious about the different mixes in them. It turns out that Niko is 75% lab! We were totally shocked because we thought that with his brindle coloring that he would have a significant amount of Plott Hound in him. There is no hound in him at all!!! It was a fun test and I attached the results if you are curious. Thanks again for the opportunity to adopt Niko!  

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