adoption questionnaire for new owner


Date____________ Pet’s YCSPCA Name:_________________ Pet’s New Name: _______________________


We would love to hear from you ! Once you and your new furry friend have had some time to adjust, please take a moment to answer the following questions concerning your recent adoption:


1. How is your new pet adjusting to your home ?



2. Have you had any specific problems with your pet ?



3. If you have other pets, how have they adjusted to your new pet ?


If you have children, how is your new pet getting along with them ?



4. Are you having any behavioral problems and if so, can we provide you with any assistance ?



5. Is your pet eating well ? What are you feeding ?



6. Where is your pet sleeping ?



7. If your family wanted another pet, would you adopt again from an animal rescue, shelter or humane society ? Why ?



8. If you have only one cat, would you consider adopting another to keep the first company ?



** Is there any further assistance we can provide ?



** Would you please send us a picture of your pet ? We like to display photos of happy, adopted pets for others to see ! There are scrapbooks maintained at PetSmart of the many adopted kitties. Pictures can be brought to PetSmart Hanover or sent to


** What suggestions could you offer to help us increase our adoption rate and maintain quality placements ?




Thank you and congratulations on your new family member.



Please print and return to:

York County SPCA at PetSmart Hanover

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