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 2011 Scouts in Action Photo Contest

Pack 53 will be hosting it's first annual photo contest between now and the end of 2011.


The theme of this photo contest will be "Scouts in Action".




1.  Photo entries must contain 1 or more cub scout members of pack 53 "In Action" from any 2011 cub scout event. 

     (subjects in photo must be doing something, and not just posing for a picture)


2.  This contest is geared towards parents, but cub scouts may participate by submitting photo entries.


3.  Each scout family will be afforded the opportunity to nominate and vote on finalists as a single unit.

    (one family = one ballot)


4.  There is no limit to the number of entries from each family or individual, but please only submit your best photos.


5.  Families cannot nominate or vote on their own photos.  Individuals CAN enter their own photos.


6.  All correspondance and information will be coordinated through the website (www.poncapack3553.org)





1  Photo entries -   Between the November and December pack meeting, participants can enter their photos

                           by simply emailing them to webmaster_p3553@yahoo.com.


                           A)  Please include in the subject line "Photo Contest"

                           B)  In the body of the email, please identify who took the picture,

                                who is in it (to the best of knowledge),

                                and what event it was taken at.



                           All photos submitted will be made viewable in the photo gallery as soon as possible

                           in the photo album entitled "Photo Contest".


2. Nomination -      Between the December pack meeting and December 31st, each family will be asked to participate

                          in the contest by submitting a nomination ballot, listing the top 5 photos from the contest gallery.

                          The 5 photos nominated by each family should be ranked in order from best to 5th place.

                          Nomination ballot will be a web based form submission.


                          When considering your nominations, please consider the following:

                          A)  Expression  (cute or candid quality of subject)

                          B)  Promotion of scouting

                          C)  Overall artistic and photograph quality


3. Finalist competition  -


                          Between December 31st, and the January pack meeting, all participants will be asked to vote for the

                          best 3 photos from a list of 20 finalists.  Participants will also be asked to vote on the best photo in

                          each individual category.  (expression, promotion, art)  These will be separate awards from 1st - 3rd place.


4. Photo Contest winner announcement -


                          Winners will be announced during the January pack meeting, with 1st place recieving 1st choice of 3

                          major prizes,  2nd place recieving 2nd choice, etc.


                          Category winners will receive free dinner coupons.


                          ALL PHOTOS nominated (and possibly all submissions) will be showcased in a music video presentation

                          as part of the photo contest awards ceremony.



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