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"Take Your Eyes Off Yourself and Lead"


His arrival to this world was bad timing. He was born during a hostile time. His birth was not welcomed. He went straight into the royal family. He learned the ways of Egypt. He was educated among the best.


But the day came when Moses could not put up with the oppression and took matters in his own hands. It all went downhill for Moses. From royalty to runaway. From the palace to the desert.


But at what seemed to be the lowest point of his life, Moses met the King of Kings. Taking off his sandals showed his dirty feet, but more importantly, that meeting with God revealed Moses' deep heart issues. For when God called him, Moses made excuses.


"Who am I?" Ex. 3:11. Overwhelmed by God's calling, Moses turned his eyes upon himself. He correctly realized that he was incapable of fulfilling the task given to him. God told him, "I am with you." When fear paralyzes you, don't look at yourself. Instead, remember that God is with you.  


"Who are you?" Ex. 3:13. God introduced himself as "I am who I am." God is who we are not. He is hope when it seems that our ministry is failing. He is wisdom when we don't know what to do. He is strong when we are weak. God is all we are not - and God's vision for your ministry will be fulfilled because who He is.


"What if?" Ex. 4:1. Why take the risk? Why go after God's vision if there is no guarantee of success? God replied by asking Moses, "What is that in your hand?" In other words, let me show you that a piece of dead wood is enough for me! God is not dependent upon our abilities. His glory will be revealed in our weaknesses. Go dependent. Go by faith.


"I am not good enough!" Ex. 4:10.  God's vision sounded impossible. God replied, "Now go! I will be with you as you speak." When you stand in front of your church, cast your God-given vision for your church on His authority.


"I'm scared - send someone else" Ex. 4:13. God said, "Better yet, you will go with someone else." God sent Aaron with Moses, a man who had the right gifts to help and encourage him. Ask for the same in your ministry.


"It's only bringing trouble!" Ex. 5:22. God was leading - and the enemy never likes that. God's vision brought trouble to the people. He was leading them out of a painful situation, but also out of their comfort zone and into a life of faith. He told Moses "Now you will see what I can do!" Ex. 6:1. So don't panic if your God-given vision arouses the enemy. Expect it.


"I can't do it" Ex. 6:12. Things got worse before they got better. After meeting with Pharaoh and, it seemed, failing, Moses again went back to looking at himself. This time, God's answer was a command to action: "Lead the people of Israel out of Egypt."


What are your excuses for not leading? God has called you. He will equip you. He will protect you. He will guide you. He will give you success. Just be faithful. Lead the people by being led by God.

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