Too Easy?

"I'm telling you Dean, this feels too easy," Sam said.


"Too easy or not this is the best lead we've had on Bela in weeks. We are not wasting a chance to get back the Colt," Dean said picking the lock to a door.


"But why did she have to choose a wax museum of all places to be held up in?" Sam asked. For unknown reasons wax museums secretly creeped Sam out. He did his best not to show it when he could.


"Who knows," Dean said opening the door. "Let's go."


They sneak inside the place and pull out a set of flashlights. The museum had typical wax figues you'd expect. After a few minutes the brothers entered a much larger room and the first thing their flashlights shin on was a wax figure of Jason Voorhees.


"Hey Sam. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha," Dean whispered.


"Very funny Dean," Sam said giving the Jason figure a harsh look. He looked away and noticed the place was full of movie monsters.


"Wonder if they have that miner guy from 'My Bloody Valentine'," Dean joked.


"Dean," Sam whispered shutting of his light.


Dean saw Sam pointing towards the double doors to the next room. The doors were swinging shut. The Winchesters moved as silently and quickly as possible into the second room and spotted their target with her back turned to them.


"Hold it right there Bela!" Sam ordered.  Bela put her hands up in a slow and somewhat mocking fashion. She faced the brothers with that same smug smile.


"I was beginning to wonder if you guys would ever track me down. I must confess that I'm feeling slightly disappointed," she criticized.


"You won't be feeling anything when we're done with you," Dean threatened. "Now give us the gun and maybe we'll go easy on you."


"Dean, Dean, Dean. First of all; no chance in Hell. Secondly, have you noticed anything wrong with this picture? If you really caught me do you think I'd be all blasé about the situation?"




"Well that's true, but still…" Bela put her fingers in her mouth and whistled. The doors fly open!


"Freeze Police!" Sam and Dean curse and drop their weapons immediately.


"You don't think I'd make it that easy to find me do you Dean?" Bela taunted as the two officers stepped closer.


"On the ground and hands on your head," the second officer ordered sounding a bit calmer than the other guy.


"Alright. Alright. You caught us officer…" Dean started.


"Kincaid. Detective Mark Kincaid," Mark responded. "So you're the Winchesters? We've heard a lot about you guys."


"Nice to see we've built up a nice reputation," Dean said.

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