Isaiah 7-12

1)     Even though there are positive aspects to independence, how can self-reliance become sin?

2)     In what way was Ahab tempted to play "power politics" rather than trust in God?  How did God's perspective differ from Ahab's ?

3)     What is the meaning of the name "Immanuel"?  What is its significance?

4)     How did trusting Assyria rather than trusting the Lord bring judgment?  In what ways did their trust backfire?  What  lessons in this story are there for us today?

5)     In Isaiah 10:12-19 what surprise is there for Assyria?

6)     How does God give His people a future?

7)     How does the doctrine of the remnant give hope? (see Is 9:1-7)

8)     As you study the faith heroes of Hebrews 11,  what turned out to be some of their life messages, despite their failures?

9)     How do the life messages of the faith heroes spur us on, especially when we, like them, do not always see the results of our faith?

10)   Describe a time when you reached a crossroads where you had to move from self-reliance to trusting God?  What  difference did this change make?

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