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 -Major Prophecies Status: Signs of the Times-

Signs of the Times
We do not know when the Lord will come and judging from events of the past it is useless to pin our hopes on any single sign. Knowing that we are living in the times of the last empire (God will come when Europe is divided), it is more useful to look for trends in politics and the church. Yes, the United States of America will be the last great super power, but that does not mean that it will not suffer temporary set backs. Therefore, what we should look for is a pattern of events and a convergence of the signs. If one sign is present and all the rest are not likely to happen then it is not yet significant. It is only a dress rehearsal.


Major Prophecies Status19201960's19812001
United States Sole super power status NoNoNoYes
Babylon Restored NoNoYesYes
Catholic Church Regains power YesYesYesYes
The Alliance Three last powers NoNoYesYes
Spiritualism Popularity NoYesYesYes
Persecution laws Enacted NoNoNoYes
Persecution technology Instant capability NoNoNoYes
Financial network Instant capability NoNoNoYes
Immorality Popularity NoYesYesYes
Homosexuality Popularity NoNoNoYes
Sabbath laws Blue laws YesYesYesYes
Sunday Laws Enforced NoNoNoNo
Miracles Supernatural power NoNoNoNo
Gospel preached Worldwide infiltration NoNoNoNo








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